The Countdown has begun!

The countdown to Christmas has begun…

Advent has begun, the countdown to Christmas is underway [I won’t mention how many days are left…] and while caught up in making sure the egg nog is stocked, the tree is decked and the Elf on Shelf has a safe relocation each and every morning, the daunting list of things to do comes along with all the magic.

Here’s a tip to help you make merry and keep your elf hats on during this whirlwind of a holiday ride:  “Pick a spot in your home where you can create a landing strip.  So that when you get home, you can empty your hands and put everything onto a tray/bowl/hook near the doorway:  keys, purse/wallet, ID and cash, cell phone, anything you will need next time you head out. This way it doesn’t get tossed on the counter,  table, or bookshelf, or refrigerator [it’s been known to happen!] and you can spend less time looking for your keys and more time thinking up clever spots for your Elf on the Shelf!”


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