A little birdy told me…

do you tweet? follow me @paperkeeperetsy and I will follow you!

…about two great twitter and blogging resources!

I went to my first Twitter Party the other night. Well, by went,  I mean I walked from the kitchen to the living room and sat on the couch, in attire not worthy of a quick run to the grocery store.  Food for the event was comfort-food themed, also known as a typical  thrown together weeknight dinner of baked chicken and mac-n-cheese.

In two hours time, I tweeted, replied, re-tweeted,  mentioned and messaged. I think. My brain and my fingers couldn’t seem to move fast enough, but I got into the groove of it and I was so grateful to the other @’s who were honest enough to say this was their first twitter party too.  I didn’t feel like the only one over in the corner with whiplash as tweets flew by left and right.

This tweeting thing is all new to me; if three weeks ago, you had told me I’d be at a twitter party, I would have laughed and then asked you to please speak English.  But I have to admit, it was really fun. @digitwirl and @inteledge hosted a great evening featuring  fun tech gadget gifts, and anyone who knows me well, knows I love the gadgets.  The only thing better? Winning one!

I’m on a steep learning curve with the intricate web of social networking that goes hand in hand with having an Etsy shop. I asked myself the other day if I would have gone down this Etsian road if I had known about all the tweeting, blogging, digging, stumbling, kaboodling, and pinning that is behind it all.   I thought I would just be making widgets in my kitchen.  I might have been scared off before starting, it is a lot to learn, and it’s one of those things where the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.

Thankfully, for newbies like me, it’s not  lonely journey.  There are some great resources out there for new tweeters and/or bloggers like me.  The network is so intricate and interwoven, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where I  found them but I am so glad I found these  two particular resources.

The first one I stumbled across while digging through links to find some direction, is Handmadeology  – the Science of Handmade. Tim at Handmadeology is amazing and runs a great blog, but even more so are his e-courses. They are written for the person who knows little to nothing except for the one important fact that they need to know a lot more. The courses are paced out one day at a time with information broken into manageable chunks that are easy to understand and put into practice. Each one builds upon the next and I find myself  just waiting until the next day’s lesson arrives.

Through the 5 day course called Social Media Blitz, I realized that I had to get on Twitter. Well, actually use the account I set up a few years ago.  And actually Tweet.  To be honest, this scared me.  For a pretty tech savvy gal, for some reason, Twitter eluded me. But I got on the bus and kept reading.  I created a Facebook page, set up accounts with StumbleUpon, Tumblr and a few other networks.  Stealing moments where I could, in between working, momming and just living, and making those widgets, I read every word.  Through his email newsletter, I found out about the Twitter Blueprint e-course.  In one of the first days, he wrote, “The best way to build followers is to follow others. Most likely they will follow you back.”   I didn’t believe it. But, I did it. And, guess what? He was right. Of course. In two days time, my number of followers more than doubled.  I have a long way to go, but, I am going.  Thanks Tim!

Through Twitter, I stumbled upon a fantastic blogging blog, called SuccessfulBlogging from Annabel Candy who’s twitter handle is appropriately @bloggingmentor. Her blog offers countless tips and strategies for improving your blog and using Twitter.  In that Twitter way, I found her, followed her and yes, she followed me back [thank you!].  Not long after, a few interactions occurred, which is old hat to Twitter Pros, but to this TweetBabe, I was thrilled. It led to her taking a look at my Etsy shop, tweeting out my infant blog, [yes this one!] and it all came together for me. It was almost as she and Handmadeology were working in cahoots to drive home the point of how powerful this network is.  I knew it here [me, pointing to my head] but now I really get it [me giving you an a-ha moment face].

Thanks Tim and Annabel.

Do you have a great blog, website, tip or resource that you think I should know about? Share it here.  And, yes, I will tweet it.


4 thoughts on “A little birdy told me…

  1. Hi Rachel – I am glad the post was encouraging to you. Oh and BTW, my name is Bonnie…Linda was a fellow poster! The resources I mentioned are so helpful and full of ideas that really do work, if you follow their advice and make the time to read. I approach it like taking a class! All the best – getting traffic and visitors to our Etsy shops is definitely quite challenging! Send me your shop address and I’ll go take a look and tweet it out for ya! 🙂


  2. Hi Linda! Thanks for the encouragement it is exactly what I needed to hear! I have had a really hard time generating traffic to my ETSY store and I am currently brain storming some ideas for my own blog. However, I think I need to branch out further and join Twitter. I will look for you there.


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