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When I was young, my mother taught me a valuable lesson: “clean as you go.  That way, you don’t leave yourself a big clean up job when you are done.”  She applied this to cooking and baking, and I watched her do this over and over again.  It always seems like more work in the moment, but as a kid who was often reluctant to participate in her culinary endeavors [how I wish now that I had!] even I could see the magic at work.  I was usually on clean up duty and was amazed – and ever so grateful –  that there usually wasn’t a lot left to clean.

I employ her tip to this day [most of the time, ] and when I do, I feel like I have pulled off some kind of heist when I look around the kitchen when I am done and don’t feel completely overwhelmed by the mess.  I have even started sharing this wisdom with my kiddo; and can’t help but laugh at myself at the same time – we do turn into our mothers, don’t we.  And yes, he rolls his eyes at me the same way I rolled mine at her.

I was reading a magazine the other day and an article titled: “Clutter Busters” jumped off the page.  One of the best tips in the article reminded me of my mama’s smarts: it’s subtitled ‘Purge Perennially‘ and had an image of a darling bin/storage container from the Container Store [I have an ongoing infatuation with the Container Store] tucked in with the text. Perhaps I wanted to purge to give myself permission to purchase the storage bin? Never.

Here is the tip, from the organizing expert at, where you can find many other tips on busting the clutter from your home.

Purge Perennially

To really stay on top of the organizing game, constantly get rid of your unwanteds. Toss clothes you no longer want or that don’t fit into a bin in the corner of your closet. Do this on a regular basis and when it’s full, take the container to Goodwill.

Just days before stumbling across this article, I had made a mental note about needing to sort through my son’s clothes, figure out what’s too small, too worn out, move it out and make room to purchase updated sizes/items that he actually needs, etc.  As I thought about when I might do this…my mind naturally went down this road:  ‘that’s gonna take a half of a day…I don’t have half a day…I don’t have time for that…I’ll just buy him some new clothes…‘  Sound familiar?

Modern Flowers from the spotted barn :: etsy

Modern Flowers from the spotted barn :: etsy

So, when I saw this article, I decided I would try this method in my son’s room and see if I could become a perennial purger.  {That sounds so official: Hi there, I’m Bonnie, and I’m a perennial purger. Nice to meet you.}   However, instead of ordering through corporate America, I decided to go handmade [sorry Container Store, I still love you] and purchased my own from an Etsy shop called  thespottedbarn.  While searching for a storage bin, I came across so many I liked and yes, I ♥’d them.  Afterall, that’s good karma! I thought I would share them with you; and maybe you will find your own inspiration here and join me as a perennial purger.  Visit these fabulous Etsy shops to peruse and purchase your own!

All the credit for the products and the images above goes to the lovely shopkeepers from the Etsy shops listed below:

VintageJamie   ::  TheSpottedBarn  ::  mummiquilts  ::  missneedlebeetle  ::  jennarosehandmade :: birdsandflowers

Have another idea for how to bust the clutter in your world? Drop a comment and let me know.  In the meantime, happy purging! 🙂


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