Itty Bitty Tiny Little Mini Birthday :: You get the gifts

You know how when in the early days of a relationship, even the smallest milestones are celebrated? We’ve all either been there, or rolled our eyes at the mention of something like, “It’s our 12 day anniversary!”; or “Today marks our 4th month of being together”. Swoon.  Even with children this is true. We count their time with us in days, then weeks, gradually move on to months and somewhere into the second year, we slowly give up on the monthly measure and start to say, “oh, she’s almost two” or “he’s just turned three”  But when it’s all so new, we count every step and treasure the time preciously.  As time goes on, the increments stretch out and we start to look at things from a bigger perspective; but at first, every tiny little bit feels rather large.

Well, today marks two months since opening a little shop on Etsy. I can see you…rolling those eyes!  It feels like much longer and just like a new parent or someone in a new relationship, there has been a lack of sleep, an abundance of excitement, plenty of trepidation and second-guessing and a healthy dose of just figuring it out as I go. It’s a really amazing experience to find myself in the midst of something that has a place for everyone.


So, in celebration of this itty bitty little mini milestone, I have gifts to share with you! I created the {PaperKeeper} out of a need to keep my day-to-day routine somewhat organized.  As a full-time working parent, I was feeling a bit buried by all the paper that would come home from school;  I would of course ‘save’ it [translation: pile in my kitchen] and I would inevitably find said paper after the ‘expiration’ date.  The whole reason for keeping it had usually passed by the time I found it. Or, I was constantly rifling through  the stack to find out if I needed to pack a lunch for my kiddo that day, or if it was a hot lunch day. Mornings are no time to be rifling through papers. I was also constantly referring to my calendar via my phone/computer to see what was coming up on the short horizon.  I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice to have all that in one handy place, where I can actually see the papers I need to keep? Duh!  Hello {PaperKeeper}!

My calendar is what sits front and center on my own {PaperKeeper}, followed by the lunch menu, game schedule, school master calendar and a few other reminders. While everyone has their own way to organize themselves, I thought I would share some great printable calendars and other ways of organizing your life, that  coordinate so perfectly with the {PaperKeeper}. No one said being organized had to be dull and colorless! So, below are a few great items from Etsy and few others you can download directly from the web from some incredibly talented and generous folks. [be sure to drop a comment on their blog/site if you you end up using one of theirs].

Printable Calendar 2012 – DI…


Printable Calendar – Dashes …


Printable Calendar in Chevro…


Printable 2012 Calendar, Yea…


Printable 2012 Calendar – Fu…


Printable 2012 Monthly Calen…


Have you ever heard the statistic that states that every minute invested in planning will save you ten minutes down the road?  I think it’s true – every bit of time we invest in setting up a system to automate routine tasks, the more efficient we are and the more time we have to do what we truly enjoy.

Here are some wonderful FREE [told you, gifts!] downloadable printables to help you get organized, set up some systems and create some extra time to do what you love most!

Thanks to  Design Finch, for that great stat on planning and a great collection of free printables, including this adorable week-at-a-glance PDF. Once you get to this site, be prepared…there are many choices. Oh, organizing is suddenly fun!  Who knew!

Maybe your family thrives when you plan out the meals for a week? [I know, what a concept, huh? ]

Download this weekly meal planner from The Project Girl

Do you or your family need to be on a cleaning schedule you can all see [and agree to, of course]? Here is a colorful way to keep a chart of your chores.  I think it’s more fun to do chores when you can check them off the list!

 Download this cutie from

There are so many ways to get organized and I hope you found something that fits your style and your way of gettin’ it together  so you can find more time to do what makes you happy.  And you know what would make me happy? It is after all, my birthday, you know.  Put it in a {PaperKeeper}!

{ Happy Happy! }


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