I take the pledge

I’m going to do it, I really am. I have hemmed and hawed about this for weeks now; but I have made an executive decision. That’s part of the beauty of being a creative entrepreneur – you get to make all the creative decisions. Of course, when things go well, super! When it fails, be careful to not get whiplash looking around for someone to blame it on!

So, what is all this hemming and hawing about?  Well, I decided that this year  I will make a handmade pledge – for all gift giving. This sounds awesome until I remember that I work full time, am raising a kid who has homework and plays almost every sport, and that I just opened an Etsy shop.  Would this be the definition of crazy?

Immersing myself in the handmade world recently has been an awakening of sorts. I am enamored with the movement, inspired by the artistry, the niche business of creative art/entrepreneurs, all the DIYers and of course all things Etsy, Pintererst and so on.

So, my idea is to approach my gift giving this year with all things handmade, but keeping in mind my trifecta+ of demands on my time. So, to make it a fun challenge, but keep it do-able, I decided I would come up with a few ‘rules’ of engagement for myself.

I know it’s February already, but I have only missed one birthday so far, and honestly, that person and I never manage to exchange gifts on time.  So, in my little corner of the world, I am right on time!

Here are my rules:

  1. This applies to birthdays between January and November 2012 of the people I would normally bestow gifts upon. Notice, ahem, that no December birthdays included here…
  2. This will not apply to Christmas gifts. I am inspired, mabye ambitious, but not totally wrecked in the head!
  3. This does not apply to the birthday gifts of that are exchanged between my son and his friends. Call me crazy {oh, that’s right, you already have} but I seriously doubt that any 8yr old boy would want a coffee cup cozy, crocheted hat, or a felted flower.  { Don’t worry, those are not spoilers if you are one of my gifted persons this year. I have no idea how to make any of those things – but maybe I will by year’s end! }
  4. It can’t be from my own Etsy shop, but I can use some of the materials I have on hand
  5. If I need supplies, my first place to look for purchasing will be other Etsy shop owners, but if it’s out of my budget or if there are time contraints with shipping, I will make every attempt to shop local.
  6. Gift wrapping and packaging also must be mostly handmade {I am not going to go out to find the plant, to get the cotton to weave the thread to make the ribbon…}. Basically, no commercial wrapping paper.
  7. I get three free passes during the year {just in case I win tickets to Tahiti, or a tree falls on my car, because you know, those things could happen!}
  8. To use my free passes, I have to buy handmade from Etsy,  a local craft fair or artisan.
  9. I can include store-bought items with the gift {chocolate, candy, an extra goodie…}.
  10. The card I give with the gift? You guessed it..has to be handmade.
  11. My husband and son are exempt from the list; lucky them!  I can barely come up with what to give my grown up honey, and my little one, well, I don’t think a crafty replica of a Wii game, etc. is going to cut it.
  12. I am allowed to give the same gift to more than one person {thinks supplies, etc}. Don’t worry peeps, you are all special to me!

I would love to say that I will come back here with photos and maybe even how-to info, we will see how that goes. Updates for sure!  I would love to know if anyone else is doing this kind of thing  – would be fun to have a someone along for the crazy ride.  And please, leave comments on great DIY sites/tutorials would be a HUGE help!

Cheers to the handmade movement; I am really kind of excited about this! And may I now express my gratitude in advance for Pinterest and all the great DIY blogs?  Thank you.

{happy creating}


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