Sweet Dreams, Sleep Tight

Photo by Etsy shop owner thebigharumph

I have always been a night person; it’s the part of the day I truly claim as my own.   The house is quiet; the day is done and I feel I can finally exhale, relax and focus. Think, reflect, plan and consider. The quiet time is far more valuable to me than the actual sleep; and somehow I can function on less than I probably need.  For awhile. And then that mind numbing feeling kicks in; the simple things seem so difficult, routine tasks feel huge and creative thought feels like swimming in molasses.  As I was thinking about this week’s Treasury Thursday, I kept coming up blank, no ideas. All I could think of is how tired I feel, and that a night with the TV sounded good for a change.  Then, my mind would wander back to the task at hand, and instead of some brilliant idea, all I could think of is how tired I feel. And then suddenly with the one creative fiber still awake in there, it dawned on me that Today’s Treasury was to be about all about sleep.  I found some wonderful items that inspire rest and relaxation just upon first glance.  I hope you enjoy.

When I was young, my grandmother would say to me as I headed off to bed, ‘good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite. And if they do, take a shoe, and beat them black and blue!

Tonight, I have scheduled an early meeting  with my pillow. And my shoe.  Sweet dreams, all!

Sweet Dreams sleep tight lov…


Printed Pillowcases Black on…


ethereal feather photograph …




French: Life is a long sleep…


Chunky PLUSH crocheted baby …


Emily Sleep Tight Pillow Owl…


Let her sleep… she will mo…


Embroidered PillowCases Slee…


Moon and Star Bangle Bracele…


Luxury Silk and Minky Sleepi…


Sleeping kitten


Wall decals SWEET DREAMS Vi…


Relax your body calm you min…


Silently sleeping – 8×10 – f…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

{ zzzzzzzzz }


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