Friday Foto Fun :: coffee to go?

About a year ago, I was driving down the interstate, a very boring and very long drive that I have made more times than I can count.  I had my son with me and we were  having a great road trip; music cranked, highway games and just enjoying the open road and the long weekend ahead of us.  At some point, I started getting the highway drowsies and was using all the regular tricks to fight them off.  I finally gave in and pulled off  to get some fresh air, get a snack and maybe a cup of coffee to revive myself for the rest of the trip.

While on the off-ramp, I looked up and saw this truck ahead of me; all I could do was laugh.  I grabbed my phone and quickly snapped a photo through the windshield [I know…I know…but I was going about 5 miles an hour and coming up to a stop sign!]. the irony of the moment was not lost on me, it did the trick and perked me up!  Good thing, there was no coffee {any good coffee, that is} to be found!

{ Here’s to another long weekend! }

Coffee to go?


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