Treasury Thursday :: light & lovely lemongrass

For this week’s Treasury Thursday, I posted a little challenge on my Facebook wall. I asked for a word, phrase, color, concept, and I would choose one idea to create a Treasury, include an item from that person’s shop and give them a shout out here.  LuxeyLegCandy  {Lacey Leg Warmers For The Fashion-Forward Lady} suggested ‘lemongrass’ – it made her think of spring!  Be sure to check out her shop on Etsy for some very unique and creative leg warmers. She runs a great shop while managing being a mom to three kiddos!  Stop by her Facebook page and say hi!

Lemongrass has a heavenly lemon-esque aroma that includes a whiff of ginger and the heady scent of tropical flowers. While it can be delicious with most anything, lemongrass is particularly delicious with chicken and seafood. Think of it as perfume for your food.

The flavorful part of lemongrass is the lower stalks. It is usually sold with the leaves and upper stalks removed. Look for lemongrass that is firm and pale yellow-green and a bit of a bulb at the end. The top stalk should look relatively fresh – they tend to dry out quickly but they shouldn’t be yellowed or sad looking.

Here is a Recipe for grilled lemongrass chicken if you think you might want to try cooking with it; if it’s new to you.

Enjoy the treasury and hopefully spring comes early to wherever you call home!

Think you want to play too? Leave me a challenge in a comment!

Meadow and lemongrass green …


Melee Perfume coconut, lemon…


Spring Grass under Tree bran…


LEMONGRASS Whipped Sugar Scr…


Lemongrass Grass Citron Butt…


The Grass Is Greener Where Y…


lemongrass. earrings. (soft …


Messenger Sling Bag – Lemong…


Lace and Button Leg Warmers …


Thirty One skirt purse cover…


Nikon Camera Strap Cover dSL…


Business card holder – desk …


Grapefruit lemongrass orange…


Organic Cotton Cocktail or L…


Lemongrass Pure Wool Infinit…


{ happy spring! }

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


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