It’s my party, and I’ll buy if I want to…

You know the tune…”…It’s my party..and I’ll cry if I want to…” and now you will be mad at me because that little ditty will be stuck in your head all day.  Sorry!

So, now that it’s running through your mind….sing it this way instead “.. It’s my party… and I’ll buy if I want to!…”

Etsy is such a magical, wonderful, inspiring, and oh so tempting place. Every time I log in, I find new things that I just ‘have to have’ but I usually just let out a little sigh, put a ♥ next to it, and save it for later.  But,  I had a birthday last week!  And, nope,  not telling. But, I will say that I was alive when Big Bird made his inaugural walk down Sesame Street! If you know when that was, leave me a comment!  So, to celebrate, I allowed myself to { click! } this button a few times …

…a little mini itty bitty shopping spree of sorts and I want to share my cool finds!  I didn’t set out to do this, I didn’t make a list or have a plan. I just allowed myself to { click! } when that reaction of OH! I LIKE THAT! came over me.  If I had made a plan or tried to make a list, it never would have happened; I would have over analyzed everything, and would have resulted most likely in nothing like the great items I discovered  {& acquired, yeah! } by just letting myself respond to the items that caught my eye, my heart and my soul.  Oh, and awards are given and received. Be sure to read on till the very end. I saved the best for last!

Kiddo Bling
We had open house at my kiddo’s school a few weeks ago, and saw that the kids in my son’s 3rd grade class had done self portraits, Picasso style. This is my son’s piece of art…

So, when I found Rachael’s shop, Analiese Designes on Etsy I loved how she could take kid art and transfer it to a pendant. What a unique way to display the beautiful and personal art work by little ones of all ages.  Great for gifts too!

{ Click! }

Vintage Value
I came across this set of six shabby vintage bowls and in a quick minute clicked the ‘add to cart” button. Growing up, we had some white ones JUST like this {I think they are still at my dad’s house…hmmm} and so when I saw this charming set, it was obvious they were meant for me. To even consider resisting the impulse was futile.

I love the hues in this set, the muted and bright and how they complement and contrast with each other. I also like knowing they were made in Japan, same as the ones at the old homestead. And they are perfect to display the camellias from my backyard which are commonly known as Japanese Camellias!

Melissa of  SameSameMaryJane said she almost didn’t list them!  There was a super minor delay in getting them shipped out, but it was perfect timing as the box arrived exactly on my birthday.  { Click! }

Casual Coral
I have a mini obsession with all things orange. I can’t explain it, maybe it’s my childhood that has left a lasting impression? I did have an orange shag rug in my room…. Anyway, so, when I saw this bright and unique scarf from Textile Monster, well you know what comes next.   { Click! }  It’s such a unique scarf, and actually ‘neck rag’ is the term she uses. It’s soft, feminine,fun, flouncy, and different from any other scarf, um, neck rag, that I own. It’s made in the infinity style and can be worn long or doubled over like it’s shown here.

 Ps. That’s not me. Just in case you were wondering.  🙂

Read the Fine Print
I have reached that age where I have to search for that sweet spot to see things up close. Ok, I reached it a couple of years ago, but I was in denial. I do that thing where I have to move the paper or book back and forth to find that perfect distance where I can really see it clearly. Darn. It.  So, I told myself that when the next birthday came around, I’d buy myself a pair of reading glasses as a joke.Well, here we are. So, I had to make good on my promise and found this cute pair at a local shop.

I am looking at the upside though, just think how much money I will save now that I will be able to read the expiration dates on coupons and gift cards and actually use them.   this one was a  { swipe! }

I have had my eye on this print,

and others from Bates Mercantile Co.  for awhile, and included it in one of my Treasury Thursday posts very recently. I love the whimsical colors and the beauty in the message. I think any one of us who are striving to work from a creative place or simply improve upon ourselves, can find inspiration in this joyful inspiring piece of art. This special item wrapped up my little shopping spree, and I think it’s a perfect way to round out my unexpected little birthday bash! { Click! }

A birthday would not be complete without a special night out with my boys – they took me to a great restaurant in our town, and bestowed me with lovely gifts, including an unlimited pass for bikram yoga. What, I need to slow down and relax? Well, ok, I suppose that is possibly true.  I indulged in my favorite dish of roasted butternut squash and walnuts in a brown butter sage sauce and fresh parmesan, warm rosemary ciabatta bread with olive oil and balsamic…and a glass of wine that cost more than I usally pay for a bottle. Ah, birthdays.

Ambient lighting doesn’t do it justice, so you will just have to trust me. It was clean plate great!

Husband did the { swipe! } on this one!

Drumroll please….
I have to say though, that the best of the surprises came from someone who had no idea there was a celebration going on, but added perhaps the best wrapped item to the party.  Remember just up above I mentioned the shop Bates Mercantile Co.? Well, Pam of the Mercantile is just too cool for school.  Unbeknownst to this newbie blogger, there is this awesome thing called “The Leibster Blog Love Award” that is bestowed upon a blog with less than 200 followers by another blogger.  Guess what – Pam got that cool award – twice and totally well deserved! You have to check out her blog, Mercantile Muse.  Ok, so how does this have anything to do with me? Well, in an awesome good karma kind of way, the blogger receiving the award then goes on to nominate 5 other new/young blogs to share the blog love with. Are you getting there faster than me? I wouldn’t be surprised if you did, because I was blown away happy when I read her blog post and there I was tucked in neatly on her list of awesome bloggers.  Seriously? Seriously. Thank you Pam!  In a follow up post, I will say more about this and share my own five nominations. How cool will that be – sharing some blog love. Oh yeah!

Cheers to you – wishing you each a day that’s happy and special!  Go on, let yourself make one little { click! } today!


9 thoughts on “It’s my party, and I’ll buy if I want to…

    • 74LimeLane…[love that name btw] – that is funny! Did your kiddo do a self-portrait too?
      I love the bowls and what I am really enjoying is that these bowls now have their own story – and somewhat of a life of their own! I have no doubt I will enjoy them for years to come!


  1. ps, we had those lotus bowls too. i think i’ve left mine all at other people’s houses at this point. now that’s enough to make me cry!

    as far as big bird, i’d have to guess 1969.

    i think we’re close to the same unmentioned age.

    sharing on facebook!


    • Pam – Oh my did I miss your comments. Seriously! 🙂 and, thank you so very much!

      You must go and retrieve your lotus bowls…put out a call to bring them home!

      you are a good guesser – and with that, we probably are close to the same number.Do you need reading glasses too? 🙂


      • um, reading glasses? you mean things at the end of my nose. the ones I have to have multiple options of in every room? yes, i just started wearing magnavisions this year. only 1.25s but still. what a pain in the buttski. Gotta get to the eye doc for real assessment though everything else still seems ok. I think it is from working on computer all day everyday for years.


        • You crack me up! I can see how it could evolve to needing a pair in every room. I am already that way with lip balm and tissues…and things work best in threes, so why not add reading glasses too! Same here, just 1.25 BUT I already wear contacts/glasses, soooo, feelin’ it! Go get those eyes checked 🙂


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