Friday Foto Fun :: oh, the irony of it

I always enjoy a bit of irony, and so when passing by this boat, parked in the middle of almost nowhere, I just had to laugh.  Poor thing was so beat up, exposed and left to weather the elements of nature for who knows how long, but I love how it maintains some sense of pride in saying, ‘not for sale”!  or-  ‘I might look a little worse for wear, but someone still loves me!’

I liken this to those moments when we can take a step back and laugh at ourselves and enjoy our imperfections, realizing they are part of what makes us interesting, insightful and perhaps even an inspiration to others.

I know that I exhale, when I realize that someone I admire, respect and look up to, can stop and share a bit of their own humanity.  I can’t relate to perfect; can you? This is different than finding a false sense of strength in a perceived weakness; in turn I see it as a true demonstration of a person’s strength.

I hope you enjoy this bit of irony; and that you have a weekend full of laughter!

{ go out and laugh today! }


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