Hi, My Name Is…

Being new on the blogging scene, I thought it might be fun to share a few details of who is behind the {PaperKeeper}.  I realized I haven’t written an  ‘about’ section here and have been thinking of that and what I might say.  For a quick fix, you can learn more here { insert shameless plug }:  PaperKeeper is featured on a Room-A-Day Giveway on the blog Two Men and a Mommy by Lindsay – check it out!

So, when I saw this on  74 Lime Lane, who saw it on  Her Library Adventures who saw it here and so forth, I  thought it was a great way to share a few tid bits.  And, in the process, I just found two new {to me} great blogs.

So, if you are reading this, TAG you are it!

Kellie over at 74LimeLane created this amazing photo template and offered it as a download on her blog – with a spot to put your own photo right smack dab in the middle. How great is she?  Super generous.  You really should check out her zesty blog – beyond it being  just fresh and lovely to look at, there are  many great, inspiring, beautiful finds over on her lane.

I would love  to find out more about you, too. If you decide to do the same, leave a link in the comments so we can get the scoop on you  from your own very personalized mathematical equation to your favorite beast who lives in the zoo.

A // Age:  21.  Haha!   Times two. Plus three.

B // Bed size: Queen

C // Chore that you hate:  Just one?  Cleaning the bathroom!

D // Dogs: Yes! One loveable one year old 10lb Terrier/Poodle mix that we rescued last summer. Stuart is his name-o.  But he has nicknames. Like Houdini. And Cheezit. His official name is Stuart Little Houdini Cheezit.  Really. He’s earned each and every syllable of his nick names.

E // Essential start to your day:   Check of emails that came in during the sleeping hours.  With a quick transition to coffee.

F // Favourite color:  Orange/tangerine.

G // Gold or Silver:  Silver.

H // Height: 5’ 10”

I // Instruments you play: Does the radio count?

J // Job title: Director of Student Programs/University, Mom, Etsy Shop Owner.

K // Kids:  One cool eight year old boy

L // Live: In the grand ol’ USofA on the left coast

M // Mother’s name: sweet lady – she went by Bernice

N // Nicknames: Bon, BonBon, Bonster.

O // Overnight hospital stays: Just once for that cool kiddo. The jello wasn’t half bad.

P // Pet peeve:  When someone demonstrates that they have a shortage of personal responsibility. Or common sense.

Q // Quote from a movie:  What will tell you more about me than any quote I could relay, is that while I love to watch movies, I can easily forget that I have seen them. Once rented the same movie three times, and forgot each time. I was so bored the third time I saw that movie; there was never a fourth time.  And I have no idea why I do this. I remember a book like a best friend.

R // Right or left handed: Right. Except when I broke my right wrist. Then I was left handed for awhile. That didn’t work out so well.

S // Siblings: It’s complicated. But in all honesty, seven.

T // Time you wake up:  Weekdays somewhere around 6-6:30; Weekends late as I can get away with; it’s tough to be a night person in a morning person’s world!

U // Underwear:  Seriously?  Um, underwear.

V // Vegetable you hate: Mushrooms!

W // What makes you run late: Me. I tend to push time to the limits; always trying to use every last possible minute.

X // X-Rays you’ve had: Ankle, wrist, both arms {at the same time!} , sinuses, chest/lungs.

Y // Yummy food that you make: I don’t have one specialty, but my family loves a salad I make that we call Summer Soccer Salad, whole wheat buttermilk donuts on holidays, and always, my favorite, my mom’s secret Gingerbread cookie recipe.

Z // Zoo animal: Monkeys – they just make me smile.  They make those funny noises. See, you just smiled.  { you look like  a monkey….and ya act like one too… }

By the way, I love scrabble, and word games, so this image from 74 Lime Lane was just too great to pass up. Be sure to head on over to visit the Lane and learn about all the coolness going on over there.  Wouldn’t it be fun if my cul-de-sac and her lane shared an intersection?

{ go be your wonderful unique self! }  & { remember to leave me a link in the comments if you do an A-Z post too! }


9 thoughts on “Hi, My Name Is…

  1. HowdyPaperKeeperI I stumbled on your web site on Aol the other day and I am very thrilled that I did!
    I totally appreciate your writing approach and material of which you offer.
    I will bookmark your site for future reference!
    Thanks for your insight PaperKeeper for Hi, My Name Is… « PaperKeeper, a great blog post!


    • Hi there! Thanks so much…what a fun link up party, Pam’s the best! Some great connections there. Thanks for stopping by to the blog here, I’ll swing by yours in a bit too!


  2. Wow ~ how much in common do we have!! How cool is that? Great work with the template ~ I’m so glad to see it in action. Thank you!!
    My favourite crayola colour is Atomic Tangerine ~ I even wrote a post about it once!


    • I will have to check out your post on tangerine…I did a post on tangerine too! Too funny, and we are both tall, awesome! You are right – we do have much in common – very cool. Thanks again for the great photo template, so fun, and unique. It’s great to connect with you; and I really enjoy your blog and what you share.


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