Treasury Thursday :: Red hot southern day

We are back for another round of  the Treasury Thursday challenge, and this week, in the midst of spring starting to pop up for some, rain finally arriving where I am, today’s treasury fast forwards us to the red hot southern days of  summer.  I know, kinda crazy, right?  I am bundled up in a sweater with the fireplace warming the room we are here to talk red chili hot!

Today’s challenge suggestion comes from Rebecca over at an uplifting and cheerful blog called TrueBlog!…life in Louisiana and all things Woolmerhof.  I have got to hand it to Rebecca – a native Aussie living in Louisiana, what a big leap of a difference. I would know, I’ve been to both places!

I work on a college campus where I get to meet students from all over the  world. Just today, I talked with students from Ethiopa, Ukraine, South Africa and Germany. It always amazes me how they leave what they know; families, language, customs, favorite foods and more and how they find a way how to not just get by in a whole new country, but they are here to learn a completely new subject.  Oh, and these students I was talking to? They were all scholarship and award recipients!   And to think how frustrated we get when Facebook makes it’s infamous changes.  🙂  So, Rebecca, hats off to you for finding your way, and making a great life for you and your family in a whole new place!

When I posted the challenge again on my Facebook page this week, asking for a word, phrase, color, concept, etc. and I would then choose one idea to create a Treasury, and give them a shout out here, here is what Rebecca wrote:

Chili! As in red chili… It’s a southern summer kind of day here and I have all things Cajun in my head!

This was fun for me; I would not have normally sought out red chili or all things Cajun. Especially with the rain pouring down all around me!  Which is why I love these challenges. It gets me out of my own comfort zone and leads me to new sources of inspiration.  So, I went in search of all things red, hot and Cajun. Whew!  The irony is that I am a total wimp when it comes to spice – I am not afraid to admit that I cannot take the heat.  But, it’s such a bummer, now that I know this:

‘We found that consuming red pepper can help manage appetite and burn more calories after a meal”

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Rebecca at her blog and tell her {PaperKeeper} sent ya!  I hope you enjoy all of the great hot work here! If you live somewhere cold, maybe this will warm you up a bit.  As always, I hope you find inspiration among these fabulous artists, crafters and creatives.  If you do, share, stumble, tweet, pin, post this collection, because after all, we all need a little warmth in our lives.

Rebecca, thanks for the hot topic this week!

Think you might want to play next week, leave a comment with an idea for next week’s Treasury Thursday challenge!

{ go out and be hot! }

Red Hot Chili Pepper Purse


Sundance: Beaded Leather Wra…


Red Art – Brazilian Hot Chil…


Chili Pepper Capsaicin Molec…


10 Chili Pepper Crystal Hair…


Sweet Chili – Handmade Swaro…


Best of Louisiana Cuisine Wo…


Chili pepper orange- red han…


Bayou Service Cajun Church- …


New Orleans SAINTS Nawlins N…


Mason Jar lids/ Ready for yo…


Black Bird Letter Tile Neckl…


30s Schilling Chili Powder S…


Red Flower art Flower Print …


Chocolate Chili – Hand Craft…


Organic Red Chili Pepper Wre…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


2 thoughts on “Treasury Thursday :: Red hot southern day

  1. Thanks Rebecca…I am so glad you love it! It was fun to go on a quest for all things red, and truly a new adventure for me! Thanks for the inspiration – and it was fun to get to know you a little bit through your blog! Hope you are enjoying our USofA! 🙂


  2. What a fabulous post! Thanks so much! So many things Cajun I’ve never found before.. oooh.. my purse is going to take a hit this week!! 🙂 Becc


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