Friday Foto Fun :: a little birdy came knocking…

Last weekend we were hanging out in the kitchen when I noticed these bright and unusual birds out in front of our home. They are not normally seen around here, so I grabbed my camera so I could capture a photo to send to a friend of mine who is a professional avian photographer. I knew that he would know; but I had to be able to show him the bird.  {Conversation without an image: um, its got feathers, and oh yeah, it’s beak is yellow, but kind of a darker yellow. And the feathers, they are blue, dark blue, but not navy. With some green, well teal color too. And not all blue, some white too.  Um, yeah, what kind of bird is that?” }. Yes, I definitely needed a photo.

So, good thing I got the image I needed.  I was about to walk away when I noticed one of the birds just walking [do birds, ‘walk’? ], hopping?  from our yard over to our neighbors yard, and then up the front steps of their porch.

I was amused by the way the bird perched on the edge of the step,  as if paying a social call to the folks who live there. Good thing the bird had no idea of the very large St. Bernard who happens to live behind that front door.

The image worked and my friend replied with the avian four-one-one; it’s a Yellow Billed Magpie and also said that:

They are a close relative of jays and crows (as a group they are called “corvids”) and are only found along the central coast. Birders travel from all over the world to come here to see them, believe it or not. They have a close relative – the black-billed magpie – that lives just east of the sierras. A few years ago their numbers plummeted because of West Nile disease but they seem to be recovering.

This little bird also reminded me of simpler days when we could just drop in to visit someone; today our lives are so hectic, scheduled and busy. That old tradition has been often replaced by email, text and tweeting. Perhaps  this Yellow Billed Magpie was just stopping by to send a tweet?

{ Enjoy your weekend – take a moment to notice the simple beauty all around! }


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