And that’s just the half of it; or adios my taco!

This is one of those weeks full of life.  Full of busy. It’s all good, but it finds me wondering who hit hyperspeed on my treadmill!  And I am tired, oh so tired. Have you ever noticed that it’s really  hard to think when you are tired. Really hard. And creativity? What’s that?

It started off with my son’s indoor soccer game; which if you have ever watched one you will understand why I don’t get how for those sitting in the stands just watching the game does not burn calories!  It’s intense and fast and exciting and it’s fun to see your kiddo totally focused. { I  just wish that same focus tranferred to cleaning his room, doing homework…}  At the end of the intensity, on the edge of our seats, when we all finally exhaled, I commented to another parent at the end of game, I think I need a drink now!

Well, lucky me that was the next stop! Well, after a quick grocery run. Two of my gal pals took me out for a  birthday dinner at our favorite local winery and dessert where we know they serve a hot molten chocolate cake. We ate it before I thought to get my camera busy, but here’s a good stand in, and trust me on this one.  When they say decadent, it’s for serious people!

And look at these lovely ladies bestowed up on me. Lucky me!

My friend bought this darling bag from an Etsy shop! How cool is that?  You can find this bag

in the Etsy Shop called Mona’s Box & Bags. Oh, notice my lovely lotus bowls!  And this darling necklace? Well, my friend B. made it!  Isn’t it sweet! I’ve worn it every day since Sunday. I’m loyal like that.

Check out this awesome candle my friend J. gave me from Aunt Sadie’s! I can’t wait to put it to good use along with the Amazon gift card that was tucked in with it…doesn’t some quiet reading time sound good?  Any books you think are must reads?

Ok, so, hmmm. Out on a Sunday night. A few glasses of wine. Hmmm.  I realized Monday morning that maybe wasn’t the smartest plan.  And for kickers, for some reason I woke up at 3:45am {and never went back to sleep …. yawwwn} on Monday and well, that is how my week started. And it’s only Wednesday. { Yawwwwn}

Monday night was the first baseball game of the season and our AA Tigers took the lead, made some great plays, got some really great hits and then at the last minute lost by one. It’s good to start off humble.

{BTW, sticking your tongue out increases your ability. It’s scientifically proven!}

On Tuesday afternoon the fatigue really kicks in  – I am still recovering from that late night and early wake up. How do I know this? Well, yesterday I was texting with a friend who is helping me with a big photo project at work. He was signing off with “see ya manana‘ and I decided to write back with “adios muchacho“. But auto correct took over and decided that I should refer to him as ‘mytaco‘  instead of my friend. Mytaco isn’t even a word!!  You know that silly, punchy feeling that comes over you when you are sleep deprived? The one where you just.can’t.stop.laughing?  That crazy kind of laughing? Yeah, that was me. The person who works with me was a little worried I am sure.

No rest for the weary! Last night was {another}  fun night out { I know, two social nights in one week?!}  Too much for this old lady who needs those darn reading glasses now.  But my friend B. got tickets months ago for all of us to see “Straight No Chaser“. I had no idea who they were before the show so what a terrific surprise when a group of hunky dory [emphasis on hunky] guys all dressed in suits came out on stage and serenaded me. Oh, yeah, and all the 3000 other people in the theater too. What was really fun is that this old lady and her pals felt really really young when we looked around and realized that we were the youngest ones there!  Awesome guys, awesome music  – check them out when you get a chance.  Have a listen to their rendition of “Like a Prayer”!

Back to work today, and working the snack shack at my son’s ball field tonight.  Guess what’s for dinner tonight?

And that’s only half of the week. Adios my tacos!


6 thoughts on “And that’s just the half of it; or adios my taco!

    • So glad I could add some humor to your day! It’s been a long month this week…oy! Work is crazy insanely busy too… I thought you might notice the lotus bowls if you read today’s post. And, Mytaco, please feel free to borrow! Adios


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