Treasury Thursday :: shutterbug

I have loved taking photographs ever since I was a kid; and still remember my very first camera. So how fun was it to find it on Etsy!

{photo via Etsy Shop AngiesIris}

This is the kind that used the square flash bulbs that popped into a slot on top of the camera.  My older brother gave it to me – I am sure I bugged him plenty to use or borrow his. Afterall,  he was always taking photos of me. You may think, aww, how cute. But no. Not cute. He would set up shots to make me look as ridiculous as he possibly could and then would take a photo to have forever.  I am just grateful we did not have digital cams back then!  You may be thinking that as you scroll down, you will get a sneak peak of some of those infamous shots. Guess what, you are right!  But first, check out this cool video of the Kodak Flash cubes! “It’s new, It’s now!”

So, here’s a peek into the past, where I was the unwilling, unwitting and often unhappy subject of my brothers’ mad photo skills and ever so twisted sense of humor. It’s ok, if he was here, I’d say the same thing. Oh, and in case you want to take even more pity on me [cuz, I know you will], he’s 9+ yrs older than me. So he was really picking on someone way smaller, unable to defend herself. Well, for the most part.











Did I say unable to defend herself? Oh, I spoke too soon. I didn’t just get mad, I got even. A girl has got to stand up for herself!

I got ya, big brother. Don't move. Don't say a thing. You're mine now. All mine!

And now, finally, onto Treasury Thursday, Shutterbug. Some really great items and terrific ideas for the photographer in your life, especially if that’s you!

{ go out and capture some beauty, or shoot something amazing. Just make sure it’s not your big brother. }

* Important Note: no brothers, sisters, photos or cameras were harmed in the writing of this blog post.

Vintage Instamatic Camera, w…


Just Because Greeting Card: …


A Camera Necklace…Photogra…


Argus C3 Brick Camera with S…


Soap Snapshot (Vegan Friend…


Camera necklace


Oh Snap Retro Vintage Camera…


Letterpress Camera Art Print…


Scrabble Tile Pendant – I Sh…


Dry Erase Board Art . Photog…


The sx 70 – vintage polaroid…


polaroid sx-70 vintage camer…


DSLR Camera Strap Cover – in…


Hobo Camera Bag with Removab…


Safari Camera Bag – Burgund…


Camera Strap Cover with Lens…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


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