Treasury Thursday :: Set your sails and find yourself a world away

We are back for another week of  Treasury Thursday challenge and this week, let’s make it a double. A challenge for me, and a challenge for you. More on that later.

First off, each week I appreciate how the challenge gets me into new territory; finding shops and items and art that I would have never seen, found or even thought to look for on my own. Tonight when I notified the shop owners that their item is in this Treasury, I realized that I was sending convos all around the world; the East Coast, West Coast, in between, { like Ohio, Leah! } and London, Singapore, and India.  And how perfect is that; for a theme about setting your sails to get away and find yourself a world away!  I tell, ya, serendipity is just cool. And yes, I do just like saying the word serendipity. Serendipity. I think you like saying it too.  Besides, how can you argue when something good just happens?!

photo via Print Press by Flea Market Trixie

Today’s challenge from Facebook comes from Leah Marie who runs her shop on Etsy called LeahMarieV and her blog LeahMarieV DIY Home and Life .  She gave me this challenge

Nautical!! Addicted right now! Lets go sailing…

While spending time on her blog to get to know her just a bit, I realized we have two important things in common…having a never-ending to-do list and an appreciation for good wine!   In her Etsy shop, LeahMarie offers custom signs, subway art, photography, and prints – home decor just for you!

Pack your virtual bags and be ready to chart your course to escape life and get away…I hope you find yourself a world away without leaving your chair!

Now, for the double challenge…hard as it might be, Etsy put out a challenge for Treasuries that fit their theme, “Get Found” in sync with their Etsy Success Symposium and they will be looking for treasuries to put front and center in the next couple of days…so let’s see if we can get these talented artists and crafter a spot on the FPOE!  Tweet, blog, post, stumble, and click on it in Etsy!  Ever the optimist…

Leah Marie, thanks for the inspiration and to all things nautical, ahoy mates!

{ Now, it’s time to go sailing….do a little daydreaming… }

Escape Recylced Fused Glass …


Sailing through life


Let’s Get Away Print


Compass Ring


Sailing photo -The Undiscove…


Ocean Seaweed Original Art G…


Sailing Boat Hand Stitched P…


Steampunk Map Pendant: the g…


Two Tone Multi Hex Rope Brac…


Come Sail Away – Nautical Ea…


Sailing Bag Handmade Orange


Unisex Nautical Stripes Cott…


Nursery Print, Baby Nursery …


art print, map,vintage map, …


Custom Vintage Map Cufflinks…


Beach lotion – Sunscreen, Sa…


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