Friday Foto Fun :: smartest phone

I am a gadget girl through and through – love devices and technology and often mention that I am glad I was not born any earlier than I was.  Ok, yes, age is a factor [um, who wants to be older than they already are!} but more so because I would hate to miss out on all the groovy ” techno-ventions”  that we enjoy.  It still amazes me that my father has never used a computer, has never received an  email;  and my son has no idea what life is like without the ability to use the tip  of your finger to make magic.

But sometimes,we just have to unplug from it all.

Today is a day off and while I can’t ever completely pull myself away from the web, computer, phone…it’s nice to step away and enjoy a different kind of day.   In the summer we always make a point of getting up to the mountains not far from where we live; to spend some family time enjoying each other and nature. And being away from it all.  Some people find their peace at the ocean, some among sky scrapers but I feel most at home when surrounded by soaring pines, fresh mountain air and a clear blue lake.

On a hike one recent summer, we stopped in at the ranger station to get maps and directions for a great hike where we saw 4 mountain lakes, wildflowers, wildlife and amazing terrain.  While at the ranger station, we came across the smartest phone of all…

I am off to enjoy a day away from the computer; what are you up to today?

{ can you hear me now? }


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