Oh, Lighten up

It’s a constant effort – the whole balance between what I want to eat and what I should eat to keep things in check. It’s even gotten to the point of a self-imposed 21-day moratorium on Cheez-its. Frankly, all of cracker-kind are subject to this new rule. As we know, experts in human behavior say that new habits form after 21 days of doing the same thing; so I figure 21 days with no Cheez-its and they will fall off my radar.  Right? Right!  Hm-mmm. That’s worked so well, I’ve restarted twice. I know, sad.   What is it with  those {bleep} Cheez-its? I’m quite convinced they contain something illegal…

So, I don’t know about you, but I never feel like this when I get on a scale

and I try to do a lot of this

so that this stays in control.

I don’t play golf, but I totally get how you win with a lower number. But, it remains a constant effort.  Sigh.  This isn’t about the summer bikini. Wait, a what?  That word is not in my vocab!  It’s just a matter of keeping things in check and with the hibernation season officially coming to a close – at least according to the calendar if not for the weather forecast – it’s time to get serious. To tell those Cheez-its where they can go.  So, I’ve been scouting for a few new recipes to help me get back on track and shall we say, oh, lighten up a bit?   Breakfast is one of mychallenges; I’d skip it if it were up to me, but apparently it’s the most important meal of the day. Figures!  So, I found this recipe for a super easy yummo Savory French Toast.  Of all b-fast foods…that would be my favorite, but before you get too excited, no butter, powdered sugar or syrup found here. We will just have to get over that together.

So, here we go. Here is what you will need

1/8 tsp Herbs de Provence  |  2 tsp apricot jam/preserves  |  2 slices light whole wheat bread   |   1 TBS goat cheese   |  1/4 cup liquid egg substitute   |   1 TBSP snipped fresh chives   |   1/2 tsp unsalted butter   |   1/2 cup grape tomatoes   |   1/8 tsp salt*

First step, spread the goat cheese and apricot jam on the bread.  Easy.

Then, put the two pieces together;  like a sandwich.  Resist temptation to eat this now. Trust me on this.  Just set it aside, and walk away.  Not easy.

Then,  get the egg mixture ready. You could use a whole egg, but this recipe called for egg whites.  Pour the 1/4 cup of egg whites in a bowl, with the snipped up chives.

Then take that ‘sandwich’ for a quick dip in the pool

And then over to the hot tub. Uh, frying pan.  I swear, this is not about bathing suits.

It’s a quick few minutes on each side, just to give it that crispy outer crunch.  And to get the goat cheese and apricot jam all warm and melty.

See, I told you to trust me and wait.  Now, put the french toast ‘sandwich’ off to the side. Yes, I am asking you to wait. Again. Don’t hate me.

Now you will need to get your  tomatoes ready.  Cut in half, lenghth wise, a 1/2 cup of cherry or grape tomatoes.

You will need a dash of salt, and the kind I used deserves a special mention. I received this as part of set from my friend BCW as a kitchen warming gift when ours got a much needed and long overdue face lift.  It’s counterparts are equally cool; one is black salt and the other is a red salt and come with a salt dish with three small sections and three itty bitty little salt spoons. Coolest ever and you can find them at artisansalt.com

The tomatoes go in the pan with the tiniest bit of olive oil, the salt and the Herbs de Provence  – and they are in the pan for a quick minute

And, there you have breakfast.  An easy, quick, healthy and delicious way to start the day.

After eating this, I didn’t even think of Cheez-its.  And, I am on round 2, day 9, in case you are wondering. I got to day 11 on round 1.  Go ahead, place your bets.  Leave me a comment with your favorite bad-habit food/snack.

If you are a label checker -here are the stats:

230 cal   |   14g protein   |   30g carb   |   8g total fat   5g sat fat   |  8g fiber

{ go find something yummy. It just better not be Cheez-its. }


11 thoughts on “Oh, Lighten up

  1. You crack me up!! I know what you mean… I cannot keep cheese or chips/crackers in the house… they don’t last long at all, which means UP goes the scale… trying hard and started my diet (for the 4th.. no 5th time..) last week. And by diet, it is really just eating like a normal healthy person instead of eating everything in site. I try super healthy chip like thingies and salsa to get my snack craving in… pickles too, crunchy and healthy!


    • Oh – wish I liked pickles…because you are right…crunchy and savory. The cheez-it’s and crackers are such a downfall…not potato chips, not ice cream…just the darn cracker thins. I just have to write them all off! Adios! Let’s cheer each other on as we embark on healthy habits!


  2. my stomach is now growling. it wasn’t before your post, but it is now. my friend has a thing for cheez-its too. i brought her a box in the hospital after she had her first baby (some 20 years ago). she’s been eternally grateful.

    this recipe rocks!


    • Sorry! 🙂

      I swear there is something illegal in the {bleep} Cheez-its! 🙂 I bet your friend loved you for that box in the hospital…I would!

      So, let me know if you try the recipe…I was happy with how easy it is and other than taking photos – it was quick to make and I felt like it was a great start to my day the few times I have made it already!


  3. Hey Becc – thanks!! I so hear ya on the M&M’s…last night my kidlet had some mint ones – and uh-oh..so good. I am wondering if something could be substituted for the apricot jam in this recipe – I will have to mull that over. Frozen raspberries sound like a great alternative – and not weird at all. Healthy actually – I will have to try them!


  4. Great post! I’m not a fan of jams and preserves.. but the goats cheese sounds like It would work wonders. I feel your pain. Woolmerhof goes away for two weeks – I lose 4 pounds.. he comes back… so do the pounds. Argh! My arch nemesis, M&Ms… we don’t get on well at all. Frozen raspberries are good to nibble on! (weird.. I know.. an old pregnancy craving coming back again)


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