Treasury Thursday :: just a wisp

Today’s treasury challenge was really a challenge…I had so many great ideas to choose from this week and wanted to do them all. Ultimately, I ended up feeling  pulled towards the light, the wispy delicate lightness found in a whisper, in the softness of a dandelion.

photo via LeesWhimsy

Thanks to Leona at LeesWhimsy  [ LeesWhimsy: Digital Photo Art to Lift Your Spirit ]  for today’s treasury theme, “ethereal wisp”. More on Leona and her great shop, but first a mini confession.  Ethereal is one of those words that I know, understand, and can even feel, but honestly when I tried to put  it into words for myself, I found that I couldn’t really come up with any.  I could only define it in a physical sense, not a word sense, but I needed words t get started.  So, I turned to our friend Mr. Webster and found what was on the tip of my tongue, tucked away somewhere in the back of my brain….and know how relieved I was to find that one of the defining terms is ‘intangible’. Exactly!

1. Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; intangible.    2. Highly refined; delicate. See Synonyms at airy.   3.  a. Of the celestial spheres; heavenly.  b. Not of this world; spiritual.  4. Chemistry Of or relating to ether.

Leona’s shop is filled with beautiful images that easily convey the gentleness of something ethereal.  In her  profile I learned this about Leona and her art:

“I believe Art is vital to our wellbeing, and want to improve your environment with my photography! This means that my photos and digital art photos will be done in a way that lifts your spirit and mind, and creates a space where you feel safe, comfortable, and at peace. That way you can concentrate on whatever you have to do, even if that task is simply relaxing.”

And you know what, she’s right!  I was feeling tired tonight, a bit overwhelmed from the load at work and well,  just a bit worn out.  Delving into a treasury to curate a collection of items that all have in common the essence of light and  a delicate touch did lift my spirit!  It was easy to concentrate on this very relaxing ‘task’!   Thank you Leona for your gentle suggestion. Be sure to stop by her shop and all the great shops featured in this collection of beautiful items.

Now, prepare to enjoy the relaxing and ethereal goodness here.  Thanks again Leona!

{ relax and find some lightness in your day }

Soft Fluff 8 x 10 Fine Art P…


Child’s Hand Holding See…


Will o’ the Wisp Necklac…


Burst into heaven – ethereal…


Silver hoop earrings with Mi…


20 Place Cards, Wine Glass D…


Dragonfly Bobby Pin – An Eth…


Ethereal Portrait Marie 8×8 …


Beach Fog Surreal Ethereal A…


the wispy duo // 2 tillands…


Cashmere-All Natural Mineral…


Blank Note Card With Dragonf…


evening wisps – nature photo…


Ethereal Seed Lampshade


Ethereal Opal Cage ring ster…


Ethereal Sky Blue Wave Trape…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio


6 thoughts on “Treasury Thursday :: just a wisp

  1. Bonnie, thank you again for the feature! I could use a touch of lightness right about now. 🙂 Your treasury, shop, and blog are all super gorgeous!


    • Hi there – you are most welcome; and thanks for your really kind words! It sounds like maybe you needed a little lift in your day – hoping things lighten up a bit for you! thanks for stopping by here:)


    • Hi Leona glad you like it! It was a fun quest to look for all things ethereal and light…a very pleasing collection of items, and I have always loved dandelions…so your’s caught my attention! Thanks for ‘playing’ this week and suggesting such great ideas!


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