Follow Along {with me} Friday on Twitter

Hello Friday, oh how I have missed you!  
It’s soo gosh darn good to see you again!  It seems it took you much longer to arrive this week, but perhaps it’s because Thursday was trying to take all of the attention this week.

So, for all the obvious reasons, I am so glad it’s Friday, but also because today I get to do something new; I was invited to co-host a Twitter follow-along party with Aimee from and a few other bloggers to host Follow Along Friday.

Everything is explained below and it’s so easy…Aimee explains everything so just keep reading.  If you are on Twitter – it’s a great way to link up with some new cool Tweeps!  A HUGE thank you to Aimee for hosting and for letting me in on the fun!!  Read on below for the ‘how-to’ from Aimee!

we want to connect with YOU!

this week we’re focusing on building & connecting on twitter. every other Friday we want to connect with you on Social Media — Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook…

we are featuring five fabulous blogs this week:

how to connect:

1: “follow” my Twitter Page AND THE FIVE lovely FEATURED HOSTS by clicking on their buttons above

2: Link up by doing this

Step #1: Go here to Fill out the “submission” form  & enter your TWITTER PROFILE URL into the “URL” section and then Upload {your logo/image } from Computer“. Consider selecting your brand or logo to help build brand awareness of your blog or business. {Or your pretty face is fine too!}

3: go to as many links as you can {tweet them a little intro – tag me in your post – i am SURE they will follow back!!} come back in a few days & check out a couple more!

4. IF you want to share our little get together, please tweet: “follow along with @byAimeeSki today at” or you can always tell your lovely Facebook followers too!

5. Come back and leave a comment at the end of our post telling us who your favorite tweetie-friend is… or the friendliest tweeter… or the sweetest product offerings… or the loveliest profile image. We will be featuring some highlights!

thanks for stopping by today. we look forward to following along with everyone that links up!

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