Treasury Thursday :: let’s connect the dots

This week  I am going to the ‘archives’ for Treasury Thursday. Ok, so not really the ‘archives’; I am just going back to last week. There were a few suggestions for the weekly challenge I post on Facebook, and there was one I couldn’t get off my mind.  Simple, but fun and whimsical was the idea from Hailey Ann over at Lizzy and Jaynes:  dots, spots, & speckles. For some reason, she had me at dots!  So, the big reveal is that this week’s treasury is inspired by Hailey Ann from the Etsy shop LizzyandJanes: custom creations and accessories.  Hailey Ann…thank you, it was a delightful quest for all things dots, spots and speckles!

photo via LizzyandJanes on Etsy

She shares her Etsy shop with her sister, and though they live hundreds of miles apart they found a way to bridge the distance and work together.   Even though I loved their shop name right off the bat, I have to admit that I didn’t clue in.  When I read their shop profile it was so much fun to learn this…

As you might have guessed from the shop title, we LOVE Jane Austen and more especially Pride & Prejudice!!! 

I should have connected the dots, being a Jane Austen fan too!  But, I must have been distracted by their fun shop  filled with color, whimsy and all things wonderful.  As a mom of a boy, with friends who mostly have boys,  it’s an understatement to say that my shopping consists of sneakers, t-shirts, jeans, sweats and shorts. And, the occasional “little-man gets dressed up outfit”. But bows, flowers and headbands? Nope, not ever. **sigh** But, wait.  You’ve got to check out their shoe clips…I could live in flip flops, so I just might get to do a bit of shopping afterall!

Find LizzyandJanes  on Facebook, and on Twitter at @LizzyandJanes, and stop by to visit their  blog!  Tell them {PaperKeeper} sent you!

And, another thing I learned – they are coming up on their one year anniversary next month! Being a new shop owner too, that one year mark has got to be a thrill…congrats to LizzyandJanes – and thanks for the great inspiration this week!

{ find some dots in your life…and connect them! }

The Jane Fairfax 3″ Pin…


Japanese Washi Masking Deco …


30 Paper Straws….YELLOW Po…


10%OFF- Amor Vintage Inspire…


Cornerstoregoddess Porcelain…


8mm Speckled Stoney Green an…


Handbag Purse Everyday Bag :…


round speckled red bead ring


Custom King Size Orange Yell…


Set of 6 Dotted Drawer Knobs…


Lots and Lots of Spots and D…


Coral Pink Polka Dots Washi …


SILLY SPOTS (Sunshine) Colla…


Washed Ta Dots Fabric/ Linen…


Lunch Bag: Boyfriend Spot Pr…


Orange Spots – Fabric Button…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio


4 thoughts on “Treasury Thursday :: let’s connect the dots

    • Hi Eleanor – thanks for stopping by my corner of blog world! It’s so fun to do Treasury Thursday challenges, I never know what quest I will go on based on suggestions from others! And I especially love getting to discsover new shops and artists every week! Your owls are just perfect!


  1. You crack me up…in a good way! Too bad there is some kind of 2000 miles between the golden and granite states. boo. I have no idea how Sting did not notice you – he must have had dark glasses on…am sure you were stunning in your purple polka dotted shirt! BTW – Sting was my first BIG concert – waited out all night to get tix with roommates. be young again. Still have the dress?? 🙂


  2. i have ALWAYS love polka dots. got this grrovalicious purple with white polka dot shirt, ruffled color, for my first Police concert. How Sting didn’t notice me, I’ll never understand. I also ‘confiscated’ this fantastic black and white polka dot dress from my sister…..i loved that dress with my spectator wedge pumps. Yup. Stole it. Never gave it back. That polka dot dress was meant to be mine.


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