Oh Lighten Up, part 2

A few weeks ago, I talked about my quest to lighten up and shared an awesome savory french toast breakfast sandwich recipe  { p.supdate on that recipe below }.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that between now and then. Is a light food still light when you eat it all the time? Hmmmm. I guess that’s better than eating Cheez-Its all the time, which by the way, since we are talking about Cheez-Its, it’s been 24 days. Ha! 24 days!  I beat the 21 day rule. And you want to know what I say now about the { bleep } Cheez-Its?  WHAT Cheez-Its? They have lost their power on me!  YEAH!!  I suppose those human behavior experts might have something after all.

So, my quest to lighten up continues; last time it was breakfast, today, we are moving on to part 2 – my new favorite snack. Should we do lunch next? It’s easy, it’s quick, it feels like dessert and it’s packed with healthy goodness.

Let me introduce you to Apple Cinnamon Yogurt.

4 simple ingredients:  Nonfat vanilla greek yogurt; an apple, cinnamon and ground flax seed.

Start with 1 cup of non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt. Any kind will do; I usually use Chobani, but I was “sickity sick” this week { thanks Gwen, over at The Bold Abode, I cannot get that out of my head! } and Trader Joes is across the street from where I pick up my drugs, uh I mean, my miracle medicine.  Thank goodness for antibiotics. I mean really.

Add in 1 small apple.  I like the Pink Lady apples, but you can use a gala, fuji or any kind you choose!  Sweet and crisp is key.

Dice up that apple into small bits.  This is the hardest part of this recipe, but if you have one of these slicers — the best thing since sliced bread { ha, like that? }  — it cuts the job in half.  And, I’ll be honest,  it’s  just plain fun to use.

How do you like them apples?  Pour the yogurt into one of your favorite bowls. Then place the diced apples on top of the yogurt.

Sprinkle 1/2 to 1  teaspoon { depending on how much you like }  of ground flax seed over the top of the yogurt and apple mixture. And just read how healthy this stuff is…I feel stronger, faster, better, lighter, already!

Finish it off with a 1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Add a little extra if you really love cinnamon…it’s got just about 0 calories, and did you know how good cinnamon is for you? This tasty spice is very low in Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a good source of Vitamin K and Iron, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber, Calcium and Manganese. In fact, studies have shown that just 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon per day can lower LDL cholesterol. One study even found that smelling cinnamon boosts cognitive function and memory.  { Would it be wrong to carry around a little pouch of cinnamon…? } And it’s already yummy; it’s not like trying to convince yourself to eat brussell sprouts, or for me, egg plant.

{  Stir it up…grab a book, a blog or just relax…. and enjoy!  }

And, for the number savvy among us…this all adds up to about 240 calories. That’s it!
{ 22g protein, 38g carb; 4g fiber, 0g cholesterol, 1g fat/0g sat. fat }

Update on the french toast recipe…Becc over at TrueBlog! had a great idea if you don’t like jam/preserves – use honey instead! Brilliant.


2 thoughts on “Oh Lighten Up, part 2

  1. Hey Becc…so glad to hear that! Soon as you said it, it made a ton of sense to me. I LOVE apricot jam, so it wouldn’t have occurred to me to think of an alternative. And F ate it – an even better endorsement! I can appreciate the TJ envy…such a great store and would be lost without it. That’s where I buy the Aussie licorice! Is there one you can drive to…??


  2. Can officially say the honey works really well 🙂 Even fussy F ate it! Oh, and BTW, so jealous of trader joes 😦 We’ll never get anything remotely close to a trader joe’s or a wholefoods here. Boo!


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