Get in the flow

For me, springtime is a whirlwind. Between work projects, events and deadlines; my son’s school events, yearbook duty; an annual conference and presentation; practices, sports and games,  and just life in general…once February begins, all I can think about is June…when it’s all done.

I know I shouldn’t race through time,

but, honestly, those few months are a blur anyway!

Since I work in education, I have been on the academic calendar my entire life. There is a certain flow to my year that coincides with the school calendar; and which also means that summertime is my time.  I still have to work, but the pace is slower, more relaxed, more manageable.  No big events, no major deadlines, no big heaps o stress.

So, with summer comes my chance to exhale and put back together all that came undone or just didn’t get done during the spring whirlwind. I can think again. I can focus. I can plan. I can organize.  Sigh….

But this usually means, I get a little over ambitious, trying to do everything I put off during the spring months while I was up to my ears in all things busy. So, I make lists. I love lists. To make sure that I have plenty of time to eat popsicles on the porch with  my kiddo.

Did I mention that I love making lists? I have used the old standard pen + paper lists, I have used the bulleted list in Word, of course using the little check box as my bullet.  Naturally. I  know you do the same!  I have dowloaded apps and used those too.  But, not too long ago, I came across a list makers delight.  A web-based list making, list crossing off, list sharing site. Yes, I said sharing.  I almost missed this find; it was barely mentioned in a comment on a blog post that I read while thinking of what my comment should be.  Thank goodness!

The website is called…are you ready for this? Even the name is just cool. WorkFlowy.  Yep, you heard me correctly, WorkFlowy.  And oh, is it flowy.  It’s gonna change your list making madness.

I’ll give you a couple of screen shots to show off the goodness of WorkFlowy, but first, a few teasers:

  • You can create more than one account – I have one personal and one for work.
  • When you make a list, every single item can be a task and you know what you do once you are done with that task, right?
  • You cross it out!
  • Workflowy lets you do that!
  • And, once you complete a task or parts of a task, you can hide the completed items! Poof. Wha-La…gone {but still there!}
  • Everything on your list is searchable!
  • You can share your lists. {Read: Honey Do}
  • Or, you can collaborate – you can turn any portion of your notes, tasks, lists into a page that OTHERS can view or edit! They see your updates, and you can see theirs in real time
  • Tagging – we all love tagging. Worflowy does too!  Tag an item or groups of items and then search for them later.  Just use the hashtag symbol and any keyword you like.   {i.e. #vacationpackinglist, #superimportant; #blogideas; #yougettheidea}
  • You can view your list on any computer you use just by logging in
  • You can view/edit/manage your list on your smart phone; iPhone and/or Android. No app required…just go to Worflowy via your mobile browser and save as a bookmark on home screen.  Have list. Will travel.
  • Oh, and did I mention, it’s free?!  {there is a pro level you can pay for, but totally don’t have to, more on that later}

So, what does it look like? How do you use it? Let’s take a little tour, shall we?  Here is your log-in screen at

When you start making a list, keep in mind that you can break down your task/project to any number of steps. This is great for crossing things off your list, and it keeps things real. Everything always takes longer than we think and it’s easy to overlook the little steps that are important too.  And that super-human feeling that comes over you when you cross stuff off? Well the more you break it down, the more you get to cross off that list!  Beautiful!  I should sell capes in my Etsy shop, cuz you’re probably gonna want one.  Have to put that on the list 🙂

Then, using my yearbook duties as an example, let’s add a  project:

Then, let’s add the tasks that I have to complete to get this project done, using the after school program and class collage pages as two primary tasks as part of this project {you could have as many tasks as you want/need}.

{Has spell check, too, 🙂 }

Here’s a little more of the action

{ I don’t know why it says last changed in Janary – just pretend to ignore that, ok? Thanks! }

To share a list, or part of a list, it’s easy.  Using the menu that appears when you hover over an item, click on the link to share, and you get the option to let others just view, or view and edit the list.  Just send them the secret link to your list!

The last couple of  features I will show you is how you can select one portion of your list to focus on, and tagging.  Then, you are just going to have to go in and make your own list. Like that will be hard. You probably already have a list going in your head, huh?  I thought so.

Using the ‘Organize Photos” section of my list, I just click on that line of text, and it will bring it up on a page by itself, with the breadcrumb trail so you don’t lose track of where you are.

Then, you work with just that section of your list. This is especially valuable if like me, you are managing several different projects at the same time and want to just focus in on one area on a given day.  

You can use all the functions of complete, note, share, etc in this view. 

Use the # to tag projects by category, when they need to be done or any other way you categorize, organize. etc.

Use the @ to keep track of who is handling each part of a project.  I envision @honey on a lot of your lists! 🙂

The possibilities are endless. Make a list for projects, aspects of your biz, blog ideas, client lists/action required; a list for your kid(s); travel plans, books to read, films to watch; track progress on a project; outline a novel, the list goes on! 🙂

You can use Workflowy all for FREE, but if you are a ninja list maker of extreme proportions, or if your job requires it, you can go pro for $4.99/mo or $49/yr and get all this too:

  1. Unlimited Lists
    Pro users can make as many lists and items as they want. Non-pro users are limited to 500 per month.
  2. Backup to Dropbox
    Never worry about losing your WorkFlowy data. Have full backups automatically uploaded to your Dropbox account every day.
  3. Offline Editing
    (Coming soon) Want to use WorkFlowy when you’re not online? Go Pro!
  4. Password Protected Collaboration
    (Coming soon) Pro users can share parts of their WorkFlowy document to specific people, verified by email address and password.
  5. Theme and Fonts
    Pro users get to change the look and feel of WorkFlowy with a library of themes and fonts. Make your WorkFlowy more personal.
  6. Premium Support
    We answer emails from Pro members first.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out and make some  lists.

PS…I am just a regular, everyday, average user of WorkFlowy…I don’t have the paid version {yet!} and just wanted to share this great tool with you – no affiliation or any connection with WorkFlowy.

{ now, go get in the flow! Oh, and leave me a comment letting me know what you think, and what your first list will be! }


3 thoughts on “Get in the flow

  1. List making makes my head spin…. I wish I were a list maker…my families wishes… my pets wish… I’m sure if my abode could wish it would, too!


    • Hey Girl! You are great just the way you are, no lists required. We don’t want any heads to spin…have your kids make the lists! That should be entertaining! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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