Friday Foto :: Dinosaurs needed coffee

This photo is from what is a now, sadly, an extinct coffee roasting spot in South Lake Tahoe. It’s been one of my favorite spots there for years and last summer when I stopped in to get my pound of Organic Italian Roast to have while on vacation, I was in complete disbelief when I drove up to the log-cabin style coffee house to find an empty shop.  Nooooo…

So, so sad – apparently that location just couldn’t survive the competition…not so much from Starbucks, but when the McDonald’s rolled into town. I’ve never had Mickey Dee coffee but I fail to imagine how it could possibly be as good or better than coffee brewed fresh from locally roasted beans.  But then, I am completely comfortable sharing that I am a self proclaimed coffee snob. So there.

The good news is that you can still find their coffee served up hot and fresh in several other spots around Tahoe and the Sierras, and you can order the beans online. And a bonus for me…I just found out that a coffee spot within a couple of miles from my house serves their coffee!! Wha- how did I not know this?  Guess where I am headed this fine Friday morning!   Thank goodness, or it might not just be the dinosaurs going extinct!

Curious? Find Alpen Sierra Coffee here!

{ hoping you have a good cuppa cuppa to get your Friday off to a jammin java start! }


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