Mama’s Mystery Trip : destination revealed

Over spring break, my kiddo had to come to work with me just about every day – I couldn’t take those days off, and so he ended up with what had to be one of the most boring spring breaks. Ever.  But I had a secret plan to make it up to him.  I just wouldn’t tell him what it was! It was jokingly referred to as ‘mama’s mystery trip’ around our house…and oh, he tried to pry the secret from me. What he doesn’t know? I have amazing secret keeping powers.

My husband knew we were headed outta town for a few days, but I didn’t even reveal the mystery destination to him; but he guessed it a few days before we left.

Kiddo however, had no idea we were even getting on a plane until I let that one slip the day before. And then he asked if we were going to Wisconsin.  { ?!?! }   And I have no idea why.  { What’s funny to me is that while telling this to someone at work today, turns out that person is from Wisconsin, and then while walking out to my car, I overhear a conversation where one person shares that she had been out of state all weekend. Guess where? Yes, Winconsin. Apparently Wisconsin has it goin’ on! }

So, we took to the friendly skies, and headed south…

…and had a special helper on our flight. Ok, not really. But he looks pretty good, if not a bit shocked, sitting there as co-pilot.  And it’s good to know our pilot has fresh breath.

But he still had no idea where we were headed! At the hotel, he spotted a tourist brochure for LegoLand California and exclaims, MOM! Look, they have a LegoLand in CALIFORNIA!  He still had no idea. Seriously. We took the brochure with us to dinner and only then did we let him in on the BIG SECRET. We were AT LegoLand!  [Well, a mile away and would be there bright and early the very next day!]

And the resounding, Yessssss!  sealed the deal. And made all the secret keeping worth it.

Destination Revealed: the Land o’ Legos, California!

It’s real. I am really here!

Starting the day off with some goofin…and gamin’

We had a little chat about ‘don’t like vs. fear” when it came to the roller coaster rides.   Still not sure on that one, so dad rode solo this time…

…but slides are just fine, whether on land, or on sea…

Other high lights included MiniLand, the water park, lots of building and the hands-on robotics class.

{MindStorms Class:  Programming a robot to remove bad cells, replace veins, and deliver pills to a failing heart.  Super Cool stuff! }

My little Knight in Lego Armor loved it all

And, we managed to get in a visit to the ocean. And while we missed the solar eclipse due to coastal fog, we got to see a school of dolphin playing not too far off shore.  I’d say that was more than an even trade.

and we loved hearing, ‘that was the BEST trip EVER!

and then it was time to head north, and fly back into our regular lives. Back to school. Back to work. Great family memories and time well spent!

Do you have any mystery trips planned?


2 thoughts on “Mama’s Mystery Trip : destination revealed

  1. What a great trip! My boys would have LOVED this when they were younger. Heck…they would love it now! We used to do surprise trips with the kids. We would have them pack something “unusual” just to throw them off. Fun times….enjoy every moment! ♥


    • Hi Paula! was soo much fun and just love to be full of surprises! My kiddo was just young enough to totally enjoy this place. And yes, savoring every moment, it all goes by waaaaay toooo fast!! Dang! Thanks for stopping by here!


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