Friday Foto :: everlasting

Today’s photo is significant for two reasons…yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary, so this image of an older couple gazing off into a gorgeous lakeside sunset just seemed to fit so well. Imagine all the sunsets they have seen together; all the joys and challenges; the secrets shared,  the misunderstandings, the inside jokes and shared memories. And the love.  It seems everlasting when you see the two of them sitting side by side.

And a second, much sadder reason. My boss  died this morning; and it’s such a loss for our professional community, and for me. He was a generous, personable, trusting man; always ready with a laugh and we shared the same sarcastic sense of humor. It was a joy to work with him for many years and he will be so very missed.

 It’s a reminder to keep our loved ones close, give that extra hug and to remember that it’s these quiet moments with each other that mean the most.

{ i hope you hug someone today }


3 thoughts on “Friday Foto :: everlasting

  1. Thank you so much Lisa…he is so very missed here at work. Such a truly special human being – the good news is that he taught me some important lessons that I will keep with me forever. He was just that kind of person! Congrats to you too – happy 15 years to you!


  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. Extra hugs today 😦 I love this photograph, and congratulations on your 15th wedding anniversary. My husband and I celebrated our 15th this year too.


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