Are you a percolating perfectionist?

I got into a great conversation the other day with two crazy smart ladies, and it was one of those conversations that kept on going in my mind, even after we all walked in our own directions back into our respective days and lives.  While I couldn’t begin to convey the whole discussion, it was centered on the differences in how we get things done, solve problems, and absorb new information.  It was one of those discussions that left me with more questions…and I am here to mull them over with you.

When working out a problem, or better yet, a solution; or simply when in the midst of a creative storm { it is kind of a storm up in the brain when an idea is getting hammered out…} how do you approach it?

Are you more of a percolator, who likes to sit on an idea, let it bubble up in your mind, heat up and then when it reaches the perfect temp, it’s ready to be enjoyed, consumed, served up?

Or do things snap, crackle and pop into place?  Ideas just appear in your mind, clear as a bell with plans, instructions and blueprints all mapped out for ya?

When you are working on something, whether it be big or small, important or inconsequential, what’s your approach?

Are you more of a perfectionist, working it from every angle, re-working it again, starting over when you notice the tiniest imperfection?  Do you agonize over every little detail…

or are you more of a ‘finish-ist” and just want to get the gosh  darn thing done? Maybe you find more satisfaction in a job done, instead of a job super duper totally completely perfectly done?

What about when you need to really get productive, and get some things accomplished?

Are you more of a multi-tasker, and have your head spinning in 50 directions assuming that since you are spinning faster and faster and faster that you are actually getting more and more and more accomplished?  Think that’s true? 

Or do you get your focus on, dig deep, push aside the 49 other things demanding your attention and just pay attention to the one thing that needs YOU right now?

Now, what about inspiration? Where and when do you get your best ideas?

Do they come to you, literally out of the blue,  by way of suds and loofahs in the shower, or by way of  logging loads of highway miles? 

Or are you more of a list-making, brainstorming, mind-mapping, there’s-gotta-be-a-way figure it out kind of person?

At the end of the day, we each have our own way of attacking a problem, seeking out a solution and engaging in the creative process. Sometimes for me, the creative process is more exciting than the finished product; the ideas and hope of what’s to  come, when nothing was there before.

This dialogue with these two smarty pants gals, made me appreciate how we all come to this process in such unique ways, and not to mention the generational impacts of technology and decision-making influences in our lives.

And in case you are curious, I am a percolating finishist multitasker who gets her best ideas while blow drying her hair in the mornings with a split down the middle on lightbulb vs. mindmap!  Who knew!

What about you?


4 thoughts on “Are you a percolating perfectionist?

  1. hhhhmmmm, so much to think about, i think i better let it percolate for a bit.

    i would say i’m a good mix of all of the above. i get an idea, which the snap crackles and pops to other ideas which makes me think i need a road map of sorts, but i try to be a perfectiontist but we’re all human and what’s the sense in that because none of us are perfect and neither is anything we do so i just do it anyway, anyhow i can and tweak a multitude of times as i go until i reach the final destination.


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