Girl on the go…and food to go with her

I have to thank my friend T for this amazing recipe: grain-free granola bars. I am a girl on the go; and always want a bar to stash in my purse/bag to tide me over in between meals.

T and I were discussing foods that fall into the gluten-free category the other day, and she mentioned this recipe. Naturally, it’s pinned on her ‘gluten free foodie board’ so I grabbed it and and went on a quest to find all the ingredients. My regular grocery store did not have the pumpkin seeds or almond flour.

The jury is still way out on whether I need to omit or simply decrease this ingredient from my life, if at all, so I am in the process of experimenting to see where I fall along that continuum by taking it out altogether.  If this recipe is any indicator of GF foods, I’m in on taking it out!

Enjoy the recipe and if you wish to try, a printable version is included, along with a link to the book where other recipes by the same person can be found.

If you do not need to worry about gluten/wheat, just use  a 1/2 cup of regular all purpose flour

The chocolate was my idea [briliant, yes?] it’s not in the actual recipe.

Assemble the following in your food processor

per serving:  Calories: 139 | carbohydrates: 13g  |  protein: 4g  |   fat: 11g

Print the recipe:  Grain free protein balls

Recipe is orginally from Hallie Klecker’s book, The Pure Kitchen:
Clear the Clutter from Your Cooking with 100 Glute-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes



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