It was hot. It was 107 hot. We had no choice. We just had to escape. It was Father’s day, so we had to go together. So, we ran away. To The City. My city. San Francisco. Well, it’s not MY city, except that well, it kinda is. I was born there. I spent the first many months of life there…my mama lived there….there’s so much more to the story, but that’s for another day perhaps.  Let’s just say there is part of me always there, and no, I didn’t leave my heart there. Well, in a way, maybe I did, just a little.

We just don’t go often enough, and it’s only 90 minutes away. What’s with that?

So, we escaped from a 107 degree meltdown and arrived in a 65 degree sunny breath of fresh air. Take a moment and have your own little escape too.

City ‘scape…

I have always adored the eclectic nature of SF architecture.

Makes me ponder about the unique lives housed within.

Land ‘scape…

A California Poppy.

Reminds me of our artichokes.

Nature ‘scape…

Baby Ostriches at  San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences.

Seems they like baseball. Must be Giant’s Fans.

3 baby Great Horned Owls up in that tree!  Can you spot the third one?  Best shot I could get with my camera for regular people {300mm zoom} I ‘cried’ when I looked over and saw 3 wildlife photogs with what looked like 3000mm zoom lenses…sigh*

Family ‘scape…

I hope this never gets old when the small one gets bigger than the bigs.

Sky ‘scape….

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ending to a beautifully simple and simply beautiful day together.

We didn’t need to, the ending was just a beginning to a whole new show…

Night ‘scape


10 thoughts on “City…’scape

    • thanks…was a picture perfect day, Mother Nature was truly on my side! And you are right, 107 is so unnecessary, really! Hopefully the temps won’t creep back up to that anytime soon. If we can hover around 90, I’m down with that. Good luck with your pool…I would be so impatient too!


  1. 107? that’s so unnecessary. really. supposed to mid 90s today. YAY. would be a bigger yay if pool was up and running. one of the filter gaskets died last night. gar just went to get a replacement. hopefully pool by the end of the day. then he needs to put the ac in! (more for the hound than me)


    • It was such a fun day…why does taking that time not happen as often as it should!? What a great honeymoon spot! That sunset was a wow…and tons of locals were out, so I think even they were impressed!


  2. 107 already?!?!? We don’t get those temps until July and August, “usually”. (last year in OK was an exception) What a wonderful and beautiful pic journal you shared. I have never been to CA …I see why folks want to live there! ♥ paula


    • Yes 107 already! But thankfully that didn’t stick around…we are back to the mid 90’s and I will take that! Hopefully we can hover there for a bit, but it will climb up at some point. We are lucky, where we live, we get what’s called the Delta breeze that rolls in most nights/early mornings and cools us down. Other areas in CA don’t get that – they just stay hot 24/7. You should make a visit to CA sometime…you would love it! So much to see/do and enjoy. ♥


  3. Sorry! 🙂 It was a perfect SF day – one of those days that if it was someone’s only visit there, they would get the idea the weather is always that perfect. That is awesome that SF is similar to your home town – you have a wonderful place to call home! 🙂


  4. Oh jealous I am! I love San Francisco – in particular, lazing on the grass at Alamo square and watching the clouds float by. Incidentally, my uncle in San Jose says San Fran and the bay area remind him the most of Melbourne (our home town in Aus) and that’s why he has stayed for so long 🙂


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