Oh, Rickey, you’re so fine…

It’s hot. It’s summertime. So, let’s toast the official kick off to summer, and have a cool drink, shall we?

Drinks are on the house and today I’m  serving up…

Have you ever had a Lime Rickey? Yes? Great…then ya know what I am talking about.

No? How can that be? You are in for some tangy, zesty, refreshing goodness. Trust me on this.

You will need:

Fresh Limes (approx 12) for 3/4 cup fresh lime juice

:: 1/2 cup sugar ::  1/2 cup water :: 1 + 1/2 quart soda water :: ice  ::

Here’s how you put it all together

  • Use a 1 quart pan and mix the sugar with the 1/2 cup of water and stir over low heat until sugar is dissolved, about 5 min
  • Pour into a glass/heat proof container and chill in fridge or freezer { I suggest making this ahead of time, so it’s chillin and ready when you are }
  • In a container, combine the lime juice + the cooled syrup. Cover and refrigerate/freeze till ready to use
  • To serve, pour the lime juice and simple syrup into a pitcher + add the soda water.
  • Cut the extra limes into slices for garnish in the pitcher  +  the glasses.
  • Pour into ice-filled glases and garnish with lime

Such a signature summer drink!  Hosting a party and need some tang + zing? Just add the juice of approximately 6 more limes and add  1 1/2 cups of gin to give it an extra sparkle!

As I was making this, I thought of a few things I will do differently next time…

— make the simple syrup ahead of time so you can have it chilled, I had to wait { impatiently, I might add!} for the syrup to chill. Who wants warm Lime Rickey?

— double the recipe, but prepare in two batches, and freeze one batch of the lime juice and syrup

— just think, a pitcher of ice cold zesty fizzy Lime Rickey will be ready to serve at a moment’s notice, just add the ice, soda water; and of course, the gin if it’s a big girl party!

Oh, and I’ll be adding these next time too…

via PaperStrawsParty (Etsy)

And, now because you have the tune in the back of your mind…I know you do…and it’s ok if you change the words to Rickey instead of Mickey, because a Lime Rickey is in fact so fine and just might blow your mind… C’mon, sing along! 🙂

Cheers to you, go have a drink!


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