What’s the point?

I’ve been putting this post off…not because I haven’t thought about it just about every day for the last few weeks, but because I sort of didn’t want to deal with it. If I don’t write it, it’s not real, right?

I like watching shows like HGTV’s Design Star and the FoodNetwork’s The Next FoodNetwork Star, for the entertainment value, the creativity, and the fierce competition of course. But I realized the other night, there is another reason, one with a bit more to bite into.

In both shows, the contestants are constantly challenged to have a clear point of view – what do they bring to the table to offer their potential viewers if they win the golden opportunity to have their own show?

The lightbulb went on and I realized that I face the same dilemma.  Thankfully, I don’t have producers and famous celebrity guest judges sitting three feet away constantly reminding me of this. But, I have myself. Sometimes we are harder on ourselves than anyone else could ever be.

So, what’s the point here? What am I getting at?

That’s the point. Having one. Finding one.

First, a little backstory. I started this blog soon after I opened my Etsy shop last fall.

I started my Etsy shop becuase I wanted needed a positive, creative outlet.

I needed a positive creative outlet because I needed to balance some workplace struggles and challenges that all on their own were something to reckon with, but I also found that my creative soul was taking the hit too.   This left  me with a void. There’s so much more, but that’s probably better left for another day.

So, with my Etsy shop open for biz, and all the amazing resources and advice on how to do that successfully, it suddenly came crashing upon me,

I gotta get a blog!

So, I did. Normally I think and over think these things, but in this case, I just dove in.

I have a few blogs I had started in prior years,  that are just sitting on the sidelines [ideas, ideas, ideas] so I  knew how to get started, get set up, you know, the basics. The mechanics of it all.

So, I started.

I wasn’t sure exactly what I should be doing, but I jumped in with both eyes open and a Nike-like committment to just do it. I was nervous, I was shy. I felt funny ‘putting myself out there”. But I  did it anyway.  It wasn’t long before I started realizing how much fun it could be when things I had never thought of before were suddenly thoughts I had to write down.  I started to realize there is a place for everyone.

So I kept going and well, here we sit.  I am still working on defining, clarifying, finding the point and I certainly know what I am not.  It’s a drag, because I can so easily get derailed when I cruise around blogland and see so many awesomesauce bloggers, and come up short. And then, I circle back with myself and try to remember this

Just like with anything we do, we get nowhere by comparing ourselves. I intentionally limit my ‘comparison thinking’ and instead, try to refocus my thinking on learning from all the awesomeness I see every day. When I think of stopping, I realize that what I do know for sure  is that I enjoy { and perhaps even need? } blogging because…

…it keeps me thinking

…it keeps me creative

…it keeps me connected

…it keeps me learning

…it keeps me challenged

…it keeps me working on my photography

and perhaps the most important,

…it keeps pushing me beyond my comfort zone.

And, those are all good things. Why would I question something that gives me all that?

But wait, there’s more.

I find that I view life a little differently, more clearly. The thoughts and ideas that merely passed my mind and then quickly exited as I multi-tasked my way through my days, have more velcro these days, more stick-to-it-iveness.

I find that I appreciate the small, [easily regarded as insignificant], moments so much more and remember that they are often the punctuation in our story. They are what makes the big picture make so much more sense.

And the bottom line?

I realized that I just kinda like it here. I have that feeling of having found a new friend, when I least expected it.  I try not to put too much energy into site stats; is it necessary to have numbers tell us it is ok to do something that we just like to do? I didn’t think so. I like all the hip, personal, friendly, kindred, stylish, bold , and insightful yous { I hope you all know who you are!} that I have connected with here in bloggity blog world. And what about all of the “youwhos” I haven’t even met yet?

And I realize that it works both ways; that because I have this here little blog, I have come across fresh perspectives, some great humor, provocative thoughts and insightful twists on things I see and think about every day. Y’all are contantly stretching my mind.  Having this blog leads me to bloggy pastures that are green, and rich and insightful. Sometimes just funny, and always creative and fresh.  I want all of that.

So, in short, I’ve had some days I’ve questioned it all, and wondered more than once,  what’s the point? What’s my point? Should I even be here?  The best part is, I finally realized that I don’t have to have the answer right now.  I’m going to stick around, take a few more leaps, perhaps play interior decorator around my blog house and throw a fresh coat of paint on the walls,freshen things up a bit; I’m even pondering a switch to a slightly different name…a little ways down the road. In other words I am going to

I am glad to be here, and glad you are too.


54 thoughts on “What’s the point?

  1. Just what I needed to hear. I tend to compare myself to others and it never really did any good, but now I’m trying to push that aside and blog the way I want to and how I want to. Thanks you for this post! 🙂


    • Patsy – perfect! thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know this connected for you. The more I think about it, the more I realize that we all can relate to the tendency to compare ourselves and when we stop and admit it, the pull is not as strong! Keep pushing it aside and enjoy your blogging! 🙂


  2. Hey dear , got here through Truth and cake .

    Thanks a lot for this insightful post , any newbie blogger can relate to this . I have the habit of weighing things in mind trying to find reasons why I shouldn’t do something , but blogging just happened one fine day . At first it was hard to find ideas to write , then the stage came where we deal anything and everything through a writing perspective . This is my 5th month of blogging and there are still days were my stat section makes me doubt myself and question my position and need in this blogosphere . I still have layers of pretension to carve off before start writing as the true me , but still it is writing that made me (who walk around with a be yourself tag ) realize the this fake self I try to put out there just hoping to be one among the crowd .

    I feel dwarfed when I see people expressing ideas in a much better way but as you said comparison is the thief of joy


    • Hi there…you are so kind! I am thrilled that you found this post insightful, it was just what I was thinking and feeling and I am so glad to have such great company for this crazy blogging adventure. Who knew! Please don’t feel dwarfed by others, I believe we all have our spot here! Enjoy the writing and kick the comparison thief out the door 🙂


  3. Just got here via Truth and Cake – This entire post was very uplifting! A few words that really resonated with me are “The thoughts and ideas that merely passed my mind and then quickly exited as I multi-tasked my way through my days, have more velcro these days, more stick-to-it-iveness,” because you made me remember that regardless of site stat measurements, blogging does do that for me as well!

    I’m off to explore your blog some more and I do hope to hear more from you soon 🙂


    • Well, the smilescavenger just found one…right here. I am so glad that the notion of thoughts having some velcro helped you remember that the same is true for you. How cool is that? Love that this post was uplifting for you – I think when we let some of those questioning thoughts out, we realized we are not the only ones! Glad you are here! 🙂


    • Thanks so much mullberrywhine! { I and a couple of friends get together about once a month for our w(h)ine club..love your name! }. Glad you could connect with this post – that means a lot! We never know who might just totally dig all that we have to offer… 🙂


  4. Hey Bonnie, I found you through Truth and Cake.
    Great post that I completely relate to. I like that you say “is it necessary to have numbers tell us it is ok to do something that we just like to do?” I’m relatively new to blogging and at some point I also got caught up with worrying about the stats and likes and found that it affected my writing. I started writing with a murky voice simply for the likes. So I took a deep breath, did a u-turn and have come back to myself and my voice. It’s so much more fun 🙂


    • Hi Lisa…that is AWESOME! I am so glad that sentence connects us! When that dawned on me, it was such a revelation and a chance to exhale. I have been much more at ease also since that point and isn’t that liberating?! I can’t wait to hear your voice..will head over your way first chance I get! Thank you for being here! 🙂


  5. Congrats on being freshly pressed on Truth and Cake! I think I had missed your great post in the mass of all the interesting connections I made through Rian’s blog so I’m glad she selected you.

    I started blogging 1 and a half year ago and I’ve had the same questioning over and over. I always come back to the same conclusion: blogging stimulates me, makes me see moments from my life as a potential story to tell and most importantly, makes me write and learn. So I decided to stick around as well; so great to see someone else has been going through the exact same process 🙂


    • Cecile…I missed your comment and so glad I found it now, even though it’s been since July! My apologies 🙂 I am so glad we have some things in common about our blogging experience and I love how you put it: ‘makes me see moments from my life as a potential story to tell”. I do that too; I am finding that I really see things more clearly than I did before and I end up appreciating the moment more than I would have. To that I say, yes! It was such a great gift Rian gave her readers, and a wonderful example of the camaraderie and support in the blogging community. Thanks so much for stopping by her and saying hello. 🙂


  6. Very inspiring! I’m new to blogging and I too have to cut myself a break sometimes and remember that I’m still learning and developing as a writer/blogger and that is a wonderful process.


    • Hi there {love your blog name, by the way!} thanks so much for stopping by here and, I am really glad that these words could be a source of inspiration to you. That makes my day! We do have to cut ourselves a break and remember what’s important! Blog on and thanks for spending time here 🙂


  7. I found you through Truth or Cake and enjoy your post. My reason to start a blog was to clear some space in my head, get those ideas and facts out and on paper. By clearing them out I hoped to have room for new ideas and inspirations.

    It has been just over 6 months and I am happy to say that it is working.

    Thank you for sharing your experience,


    • Allan, thanks so much for stopping by and glad you are here. It’s been about 6 months for me also, and I agree, it’s good to get ideas and thoughts out into the open. I am glad that blogging is contributing to your own creative process..isn’t that what it should be all about?! Looking forward to stopping by your blog too. Cheers!


  8. I too can relate to this, it can be difficult to not compare and measure with another. Often I muse “Why am I doing this again?” then I just write and share, glad that some stop by but more importantly that I’m putting form to a voice I held at bay so long… This is a good reminder and it looks like you’re verbalizing what many are thinking. I went into blogging not having any idea about it, it took me about 6 months to realize what tags are and that there’s a stats page with a map, lol. But at the same time that’s what’s so amazing, not only are we all sharing our stories, insights, views etc…the pushing the boundaries of comfort and the known results in such a pay off when we learn, figure something out. It’s like being a child again, where the world is your oyster. I followed the Truth and Cake trail and am very glad I did. Be well! ~Kristy


    • Kristi – I love your comment, and I am so glad you stopped by and spent some time here. The Truth & Cake trail is a good one! I agree, it is amazing that we are all pushing our boundaries out a bit further and further..we are all better for it! I like the way you ended your comment…I hope that you ‘be well’ too! Bonnie


  9. Hi, found you via truth and cake, I identify with all you have said! I just did it and started a month ago – blogging, after starting a creative business with a friend because I needed a creative outlet too. I have blogged before with no stickability as I never knew what to write about. I have focus and reason and interesting things to write about now whilst revealing something of the real me in that process. I’m now following you with interest! Thanks!


    • HI there – wow! Wonderful comment and very cool to find a connection! It’s all an amazing process, huh? The creative biz, blogging, etc I am looking forward to visiting your blog and sharing in what you have to share! So glad you are here – thank you 🙂


  10. A blog post I can 100% relate too, I feel like I’ve experienced all of these feelings of doubt myself. The comparison quote particularly touched me (may have to steal that one – good old Theodore Roosevelt). I think we spend so much time now thinking that if we don’t have enough FB “likes” or blog “follows” as the next person then that means we’re not as good, not as worthy. I’m slowly learning that it’s not what everyone else thinks that matters, it’s about digging down deep inside and realizing that I write for me…not for anyone else.

    Thank you for this great post – I look forward to reading more!


    • You are totally 100% correct…we spend too much time wondering about the numbers of it all…and attaching worth to it…and that misses the whole point! LIke you say, we just have to dig down, deep, and write because it’s what we need to do…and connect where there is resonance! Thank you for your great comment – and for being here !


  11. I can SO relate to this, especially the comparison bit. It’s very hard to feel purposeful and creative when you are measuring yourself against others. I am guilty of this…maybe in every aspect of my life! Oops. Well, I’m glad I found you and hope to hear more insightful posts 🙂 xo, Tobi


    • Tobi
      Thanks SO much for visiting and your comment – I too fall into the comparison trap and it’s so pointless, but hard to not to sometimes. I think the more we share that with each other, maybe the less we will do it? Here’s hoping…and glad to be found! 🙂 And to find you! xo Bonnie


  12. Truth and Cake visitor! I recently did some thinking about my own reasons for my blog- stepped out of my ‘bliss’ cloud and tried to view it from the outside. It was interesting. I started writing for myself, and it’s become more enjoyable than I ever expected. I put those words into the blogosphere and got a lot of positive comments I wasn’t expecting. So I will keep calm and blog on- it makes me happy! Thanks for writing! http://theusualbliss.com/2012/07/08/keepin-it-real/


    • Hello T&C visitor…what a great bunch! I love your comment and what I found too, was more of a response – positive ones- than I ever expected when I put these words out there. I think we all want a place where we can keep it real and be ok. I read your post, Keepin It Real- fantastic! And i totally agree- writing, thinking, creating…it all makes me happy and that’s what is important. When it makes others happy – total icing! Thanks to you too, for writing!


    • Hi there – thank you so much, that really means a lot! I found you through Truth and Cake also, so I am glad we are connected now. I feel lucky to be part of her incredibly positive and generous response to being Freshly Pressed, she set an example for all of us. Blog on and enjoy every minute of it!


  13. I’m hugely thankful to hear that I don’t need to have a point for my blog – because there definitely isn’t one. Its such a great outlet though!

    Keep up the blogging 🙂


    • I know, right! Finding that space where I could realize I don’t have to fit a certain cookie cutter was really freeing – nice to be able to just do what we enjoy! Glad to have connected with you…blog on also..and glad there was some resonance! 🙂


  14. Good on you for sticking with this creative outlet! I’ve been in this place too but after a bit of soul searching and a break I love blogging more than ever!

    Glad I found you via instagram. I look forward to seeing all the changes you make!

    Hope to see you over at my blog one day soon!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz


    • Natasha

      Thanks so much, glad we connected via Instagram also. I visited Australia once and still say ‘good on you’ from time to time 🙂 This is such a creative outlet, more than I ever expected and will definitely be sticking with it.

      I would love to drop by over at your spot in blogland – thanks so much for being here today,



  15. I really enjoyed the read, and I found comfort knowing I’m not the only one who sometimes feels disconnected. Posts like this hit home with bloggers and work-at-home creatives everywhere! Thank you for the honest words.


    • Lisa – so glad to hear this – thanks. It took me awhile to sort this one out, and it makes me glad to know that my honesty is helpful, and a comfort, even to you, to others. I really appreciate how we as creatives all learn from each other and I am glad to be part of the dialogue. Thanks for being here today!


  16. you sound like me. what’s it all about, alfie?

    my problem is, first came my marketing/pr/adv business, then came my etsy shop, then came my blog……scratch that….first came my creativity which then led to all the others. how do i pull it all together. still trying to figure that all out and muddling through.

    for now, i enjoy blogging and making new blogging friends, so i do it.


    • yes, what’s it all about?! Sometimes, we just have to not worry and enjoy the process. That’s what was the important reveal to me in this thinking/muddling process.

      So, yes, let’s just enjoy and keep making new blogging friends and maybe even finding new little nooks and crannies in ourselves! rock on blogger friend!


  17. Wow, you really hit the nail on the head with this post! I’ve been on a bit of a blogging break, and have been wondering if I should even go back. Lots to think about, and you’ve brought up some very valid points!! Thank you!


  18. Wow, you really hit the nail on the head with this post. I’ve been on a bit of a blog break right now and wondering if I go back or not. You bring up some very valid points here. Nicely said.


    • Hi Kathy – thanks so much.It’s always a bit of a risk to put yourself out there, so I am very glad that some of my pondering, sorting and thinking could be helpful to you. I hope you get back to it, if it’s something that brings you joy of a creative space and the satisfaction of doing something for you. I say, blog on!


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