Oh my, blogging goodness

Last week was a big week in blogland – at least from my perspective.  I feel privileged to have witnessed a remarkable occurrence, a mini movement you might say.

When someone reaches success – it’s easy to sit back, soak it all in and just revel in the attention.  What would you do if you were Freshly Pressed?

Last week, one of the bloggers I have been following the last few months, was Freshly Pressed on WordPress, for the second time.  She is completely deserving, her posts are insightful, thought provoking, and always leave me thinking and considering things in a whole new light. I feel expanded, challenged and at the same time, somehow comforted when I am done reading one of her posts. Like when you have one of those great conversations with someone and find yourself thinking about it for days after. Feeling like you just connected with someone who can meet you on a level that doesn’t happen all the time.  When I saw an email arrive with her latest post, and that it was something to do with being freshly pressed, I assumed it was going to be a post about her excitement or gratitude about the recognition.  Which would be so fitting.

And, it  was. But, it was so much more at the same time.

Rian, from Truth and Cake, turned the spotlight right around and turned it into a party for all of her readers, with a simple, but profound, invitation,

“I’m inviting you to Freshly Press yourself”

and gave us all some simple guidelines for how to do just that, right there on her blog.  Imagine a party, where everyone is talking, everyone is listening, and while the conversation never stops,  everyone feels heard, everyone feels that their voice is welcomed. She shared her motivation behind it all:

“I want all of us to succeed as bloggers.”

So simple, but in a world with so much competition, it was unexpected, fresh, new, reassuring.  She took her success and in one easy turn, created a movement among her readers. Everyone started visiting each other’s blogs, but it kind of felt like folks were stopping by for coffee or tea, right? I felt a sense of community and dare I say, something  a bit kindred?  I found new blogs with voices I like, bloggers new to me found mine and expressed that they found some resonance here. In my opinion, that is success here in this blogging space. Comments left for me over the weekend, on a post I hemmed and hawed about even posting in the first place, were ones that shared they found something they related to.  Isn’t that why we are all here?

Others shared in their comments about fears of getting it right, while others commented about learning that it’s not what everyone else thinks that matters and sharing their own reasons for blogging, and most importantly the realization of the importance of just writing for themselves.  I think most of us can relate to that!

Aren’t we all in good great company?! So, my hat is off, in admiration to Truth and Cake for sharing her success with us, for connecting voices that weren’t before, for raising the bar for all of us, and for having a vision that I happen to find refreshingly revolutionary.

But wait there is more!

{ I told you it was a big week in blogland! } Earlier in the week, another one of my favorite bloggers did something pretty awesome too. It’s remarkable really, the the connections that are formed here. Ever try explaining this to any of your non-blogging friends? It’s really hard to capture.

Paula from Stuff  I Tell My Sister celebrated a halfway point; at the six month mark of blogging she  is a well decorated blogger.  And deserves each and every accolade. She is warm, welcoming, real and supportive.  Oh, and did I mention, fun?  In the same pay it forward, share the spotlight, shine the light on others, way, she passed on the recognition to several bloggers. Amazed to find myself in the midst of some really great company, I am honored to be in the position to say thank you!.  Following the  great examples set forth by these two amazing ladies, and in the spirit of blog awards, it is my turn to shine the light on others.  I’m breaking the rules too, and not following the protocol of any one award, but instead sharing with you some blogs I think are worthy of your attention!

I am grateful to have discovered some new territory in blogland recently, there are more I know I will get to know over time, but let’s start here, shall we?

I hope you will stop by each, including Truth and Cake and Stuff  I Tell My Sister  {if you don’t already}  and listen for a moment; I am sure you will find that you hear some great voices…

Borrowing from an earlier post, I am glad to have my little blogging world be ever expanded, and to each I say…



11 thoughts on “Oh my, blogging goodness

  1. love it. if we can’t support each other in being better bloggers, than it’s all for naught. it’s one of my favorite things about blogging, finding and supporting like minded people. hats off the truth and cake for being freshly pressed and making it a ‘spread the love’ kinda thing and to stuff i tell my sister for working it and passing it along. Go ladies!


    • Right on blogging sistah! We must all support each other here and guess what..that’s exactly what I have found from the beginning. so glad you are part of all of it! And yes, hats off..big ten gallon hats off to Truth and Cake and Stuff I Tell My Sister! We are in good company!!


  2. Oh my goodness! I had no idea when I started my blog that anyone would actually read it, much less reach out and include me in any list. I am truly humbled and honored, and it’s not a cliche. I have been soooooo blessed by finding this wonderful community or artists and dreamers, like you and Rian, who are expansive and generous in support and encouragement for one another. It’s awesome! and so much darn fun! Will be visiting the other blogs you mentioned!


    • Hello Hip Mama…we are in the midst of something awesome, aren’t we? A great community here and I am thrilled to be part of it! I am so glad to shine some light on you! I love how you refer to all of us as artists and dreamers…perfect! Hope you enjoy the other blogs and I look forward to more from you 🙂


  3. Thank you so much for your kind mention of my little blog on your list! Truly an honour to be included with such fabulous blogs and I am so excited to have some new great writers to read! Thanks again!


  4. *Blush* I’m so pleased that my horrible embarrassing experience at Shopper’s Drugmart brought me a new blogging friend!

    I too was thrilled and astonished by Truth and Cake’s great idea to share the spotlight 🙂


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