Get Your Beach Read On :: Treasury Thursday

I remember a good book like I remember a good friend. I may not recall every detail or line, or even the sequence of events, but I will always be able to feel the mood of a book, the way I think the characters look and act, the feeling(s) I had while reading it.  I can’t remember movies to save myself,  and even watched the same one three times because I kept forgetting that I had seen it already. I can’t even remember which movie it was.  Really { I know…}.  But a book, it’s with me always.

Real readers read all year long, but isn’t there just something about the summer read; the beach read?  Decadent, indulgent, savory. Somehow we give ourselves permission to get lost in a story that may not be the most enriching or most mind bending because it amuses, it comforts, it transports.  It delivers us from our own daily routines.

A good book should leave you… slightly exhausted at the end.  You live several lives while reading it.  ~William Styron, interview, Writers at Work, 1958

Every summer I set out with a great plan to tackle one of the classics that I somehow missed in my younger days, but I usually manage to sabotage my own plan!  I hate to admit it, but it’s true; I get to this time of the year, and I just want the easy read, the escape, the transport into the lives of the memorable characters that always manage to take up permanent residence in my memory.

From summers gone by, these are just a few of my favorite beach reads. They are epic, with stories that seem to go on as long as summer itself.

But what about when the book just ends? Leaves you hanging, wanting more? I usually race through a book, only to realize that I miss it the minute I finish the last page.  Sometimes, it seems impossible to start a new book, it feels almost disloyal; or, it just seems that nothing can compare with the experience.  After I finished reading Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption; it was at least three months before I could pick up another book; the story so compelling, it moved me, and I dare say it even changed me a little.

But if you find yourself looking for good recommendations, try Shelf AwarenessEnlightenment for Readers.  They have a newsletter that helps you discover the 25 best books of the week!

For this week’s Treasury Thursday; you will find some wonderful items for your reading escapes – comfy spots to curl up, fun ways to tote and store your books, a few fun accessories and always, some simple truths.

I leave you with two questions – what’s your favorite summer beach read, and when you read, do you go for an ‘old fashion’  paper book, or the modern day e-reader?

Happy reading!

5x7 Reading Print - Between the Pages of a Book is a Lovely Place to Be - Book Quote Print - Bibliophile Typography - FlourishCafe
5×7 Reading Print – Between the Pages of a Book is a Lovely Place to Be – Boo…

Christmas in July Sale: Shh I'm Reading - necklace Charm handmade with Scrabble Wood Tile ... Jewelry Art by HomeStudio - HomeStudio
Christmas in July Sale: Shh I’m Reading – necklace Charm handmade with Sc…

HUGE Floor Pillow, Reading Spot, Meditation Pillow - GratefulHempwork
HUGE Floor Pillow, Reading Spot, Meditation Pillow

1950s vintage Basic Reading Pre-Primer--COME WITH US - MyraMelinda
1950s vintage Basic Reading Pre-Primer–COME WITH US

Rainbow hammock - veronicacolindres
Rainbow hammock

Metal Bookmark Hand Stamped -Hold My Spot- Aluminum - SnappinStudio
Metal Bookmark Hand Stamped -Hold My Spot- Aluminum

Reading Print Art "I READ" 8x10 Books Love Poster / Modern Art - ParadaCreations
Reading Print Art “I READ” 8×10 Books Love Poster / Modern Art

Kindle Cover Hardcover Kindle Case Cover Nook Cover Custom eReader Cover Yellow and Grey - CathyKDesigns
Kindle Cover Hardcover Kindle Case Cover Nook Cover Custom eReader Cover Yell…

Back To School  Reading is a hoot vinyl wall decal sticker with owl School Decor for the classroom or teacher - HouseHoldWords
Back To School Reading is a hoot vinyl wall decal sticker with owl School De…

Rare 1960's Designer Reading Glasses by Filos (Sylvestro Calleri, of Italy). Unusual wood design. Unisex. - vintageandloved
Rare 1960’s Designer Reading Glasses by Filos (Sylvestro Calleri, of Ital…

reading is sexy - aliciabruce
reading is sexy

Vintage United States map reading tray - dudads
Vintage United States map reading tray

Custom Kids Reading Teacher Ex Libris Bookplate Rubber Stamp C05 - AsspocketProductions
Custom Kids Reading Teacher Ex Libris Bookplate Rubber Stamp C05

Bookbag - Eep in Lemon Ice - skinnylaminx
Bookbag – Eep in Lemon Ice

Floating Bookshelf PRE ORDER - deweydecimals
Floating Bookshelf PRE ORDER

reading makes your world big - goldlion
reading makes your world big


A book is the only place in which you can examine a fragile thought without breaking it, or explore an explosive idea without fear it will go off in your face.  It is one of the few havens remaining where a (hu)man’s mind can get both provocation and privacy.  ~Edward P. Morgan


23 thoughts on “Get Your Beach Read On :: Treasury Thursday

  1. I LOVE the “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” series. So much fun. Also, Ann Brashare’s latest standalone novel, outside of the Sisterhood is absolutely wonderful. It’s called “My Name Is Memory” and it stayed with me for a long time after I finished it.


    • Wasn’t that series so fun, even though it was young adult fiction, I just loved the girls and their stories – I think we all love the idea of truly belonging. I didn’t know she had written another book, I am adding that to my list today – thanks for letting me know! Your comment about it staying with you for a long time..exactly what I love in a book-glad you stopped by here!


        • Did you know this…Brashares begins a new sisterhood series, with occasional cameos from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants gang…check it out on Amazon 🙂


            • I just finished, My Name is Memory, while away on vacation. What a thought provoking story – I am so glad you mentioned it! Definitely staying with me a long time too. It seemed that when it ended, it was a perfect transition to a next book- or at least I am hoping so. I wonder if she wrote it like the Sisterhood books, where the story unfolded over a series…my fingers are crossed that she’s not done with this story yet! I haven’t started the new Sisterhood series yet..have you?


              • Hooray! Oh, you just made my day. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book, that’s fabulous! I hope it’s made into a series as well, I so want to know what’s next for Daniel and Sophia. I haven’t started the new Sisterhood series yet either…in fact I’m just in the middle of the finale – Forever in Blue – I hadn’t realized there was a fourth installment when the girls are all grown up! I’m loving it!!


                • I loved that one too!! I had no idea either, it popped up once and it was such a nice surprise. I am curious where you are…
                  I completely want to know what is next for Daniel and Sophia/Lucy! I am really counting on her series format to kick in here! glad to have found a sisterhood sister! 🙂


  2. I love this post!! I just finished “Behind The Beautiful Forevers” – a non-fiction account of life for the poor in a part of India. I read that as a ‘book’ – for I love the smell and feel of a book. Yet, I use my Kindle for the beach, and when we travel – it holds so much so efficiently. “Bringing Up The Bodies” by Hilary Mantel – the second of a trilogy about Thomas Cromwell was also terrific…


    • Thank you!! I am going to check out your latest reads, they both sound intriguing. I am with you, I love the feel of a real book, but love the convenience of the e-book. I especially appreciate being able to download samples to get a feel, much like standing in a book store with book in hand, reading the inside cover, back cover and first few pages…deciding whether to form a relationship or keep looking! thanks for being here today…happy reading!


      • The only downside to having the sample on my Kindle is that I don’t get the background music at Barnes and Noble with a cappuccino in my hand as I walk through each aisle, touching everything, looking at every blurb…:-)


        • Excellent point! I miss the bookstores – we have just one now, since Borders closed, and it’s not convenient – at all – so I rarely go…but yes, the wandering through is really the best way to make new discoveries…


    • Leona…aren’t you just the best! Thank you!! So glad you love all the items…maybe you can grab one from one of the cool shops featured here! It is fun to just kind of savor the items, huh? Wouldn’t you just love to curl up with that big pillow! Have a wonderful day…happy reading my friend!


  3. You expressed my feelings exactly on reading….or rather….after reading. I can’t put a book down and then am sad that it has ended. I ponder on a good book for weeks after. A wonderful book that I read earlier in the summer is by our own bloggy friend, Maggie Myklebust. “Fly Away Home” (from It is a true account of Maggie’s life and I am still “thinking” on this one ~ Another read that was “fun” was by Andy Andrews, “Return to Sawyerton Springs”. Of course, I just love Andy Andrews. (The Noticer….best book EVER) I have hundreds of books downloaded on my Kindle Fire. I like it for travel and when “waiting” at places. But when I curl up to read in my bed or on the sofa….I still want my good old-fashioned book. 🙂 Great post! Kindred hearts ♥


    • Yes indeed, kindred ♥ The ‘after the book’ is as poignant as during the book isn’t it? I ponder books for the longest time; it takes me awhile for it to sink in and then I love how having read it will creep into new experiences/conversations. How, when two people discover they both read and loved the same book, it’s like they figure out they were at the same event and didn’t know it. I love how that works…

      I am going to find the book you mention, I remember you writing about it in your recent post and it looks like my kind of book. I have never heard of Andy Andrews, but you know I have to see what that’s all about now, right? If I had my way, I’d have a paper copy and an e-copy of every book; yes I want it all, gosh darn it. 🙂


      • The PILES of books I have is embarrassingly lovely! On the many shelves AND in my Kindle Fire. It will take me a lifetime to read them all, and I will have fun trying!

        I adore Andy Andrews. His books really make you think. Again…The Noticer is a wonderful book on perspective and shared in such a way, you’ll finish it much faster than you’d like. 😉


  4. I love that first print and the reading pillow! Bonnie, you hit the nail on the head with your comments regarding the emptiness that comes after a book is read. I never thought of the disloyal factor when I pick up the next book, but that’s what it is. For the first few chapters, I feel lost and guilty as I dive so deeply into the next story. Does that make me a book slut, flitting from read to read? 😉


    • Hi Jessica…they are all such great items…I am amazed every time I go searching for treasury items, but you are right, that pillow and print would nice additions to my home..or yours… 🙂 And yes, the emptiness that comes when a book is’s like a dear friend has just left after the perfect visit…we want more! I do feel disloyal going on to love another…and another…and another…your suggestion that that makes you – and me! – a book slut is hilarious! Flit on…!!


  5. hi, i love them floating book shelves ! i have to confess i an unashamedly knee deep in the fifty shades trilogy i read the first two really quickly but this third one i having having a difficult time getting involved in, and i like real books i have never read an ebook and i dont think i will i love the feel of books especially old books the childrens book you show above i would kill for 🙂 i swear anything old like that and i will buy it just to own it i may never even read it 🙂 i appreciate though my little house is full to bursting so ebooks have that space saving thing but i will always prefer a real book have a super day xx


    • Thanks Kizzylee…I am torn, I love the feel of a real book, but I admit I have gone the way of ebooks for the fact that I always have a book with me. I hope you indulge and buy that vintage book for yourself! happy reading and hope you have a super day also!


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