Internet Cheese: The California Story

This post is brought to you by Bonnie from PaperKeeper and Becc from TrueBlog! All things Woolmerhof and Life in Louisiana.


Warning: this blog post may cause hunger and may interrupt your otherwise planned out busy day with a sudden and impulsive trip to the supermarket. We accept no responsibility for any disruption in your life. To get the whole story, you will have to do some virtual travel. This is the internet, so the commute shouldn’t be too difficult, and we will be your guides to help you find your way. But, it may work up an appetite, which brings us back to our initial warning.


It is said that you can find anything on the internet, and I completely agree!  But even I was surprised by the Internet cheese.

I assume you are curious what this internet cheese is all about? I would be too.

Let me explain. It’s not cheese I found on a recipe site, I didn’t find it pinned on Pinterest {though it deserves to be!} and I didn’t find it on Facebook.  I  found internet cheese in a tweet.  Sitting there so unassuming, and so quietly, in a tweet. Not asking for any attention or special mention.  Maybe I should call it ‘tweet cheese’, but stick with me; here is why we call it Internet Cheese.

My blogger friend Becc, who is an Aussie living in Louisiana, sent me a sweet little tweet one day and said she was excited because she was going to have haloumi for lunch.  This girl often shares some great recipes from down under, from home, on her blog.  So, knowing that she’s far from home, and missing some of her favorite eats and treats, I figured this had to be good, and something unique to Australia, and I wanted to know. See, Becc is my personal guide to all things Aussie;  I even get some special tutoring in Aussie lingo, so in my mind, this was key information I needed to know, part of my ‘education’.

Since we live in social insta-world, I got right to heart of the matter…

It turns out it’s cheese that you grill. Yes, I know. Cheese. Warm. Grilled. Tell me more, please.

I had never heard of this cheese, how could this be? Cheese, that is grilled? Are you serious?  My next question is obvious, I am sure – where do you get such  fanciness?

It was easier than I thought, Becc said I should be able to find it at my local Whole Foods.

So, now that I knew where to find this salty, melty goodness {seriously, cheese that you grill? I really can’t quite get over this!} I planned a trip to Whole Foods but it never happened {it’s a bit of a hike from where I live, local, but not in my neighborhood}.  In the meantime, I was in my regular supermarket, picking up some fresh parm and found myself just loitering around the cheese case.  Just in case, you know.

I had haloumi on.the.brain.

Oh happy day, there it was, sitting right there; right there for the taking.  I had no idea, and still I wonder, how have I missed this haloumi all this time? I snapped and tweeted…

This caused both happiness and dismay in my friend. She wasn’t too happy about the apparent ease with which I could find fancy foods. Living a couple of hours from the nearest major city, she’s got to rely on online ordering, shipping, and the waiting, oh the waiting. Who wants to wait for grilled cheese. Once you’ve had it, you. kinda. just. want. it. now.

Once I had that haloumi safely strapped into my shopping cart, I realized I had no idea what to do with it…

You will have to hop on over to Becc’s to get the scoop…
click on the cheese button and find the matching button #1 on her blog for the answer! }

Could it be that simple?  Yes, it was that simple. Really.

I had just one {important} question left for Becc after our indepth tweet conversation, which went on for days:   What do you normally eat with haloumi? Not to imply that there would be anything wrong with eating it just by itself, in case you were wondering.  And I thought it was great all by itself, but Becc’s got some great ideas for what to pair it with…


So, after all this, why is it internet cheese when it’s really called haloumi?  Because this CA girl over here noticed the mention of it in a tweet on her smart phone, tweeted her Aussie friend living in Louisiana to find out and discovered that it’s cheese, and not just cheese, but grilling cheese, that hails all the way from Cypress.

And don’t ask us who moved your cheese.  Just accept the change, go with the new cheese and you can thank us later.  Or now works too.

Only on the internet.  Oh, and @twitter, couldn’t have done this without you!  #thanks #delicious #easy

and Becc!


17 thoughts on “Internet Cheese: The California Story

  1. I just posted photos of halloumi cheese recently. I love it! We fry it up in a pan and season it for happy hour snacks… it works when you’re camping, when you’re at home… brilliant!


    • Awesome…now you are part of the Sisterhood of Internet Cheese! 🙂 I can’t believe how simple it is, and how amazing it tastes! I plan to bring it for our next camping trip for sure!


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