A Tune to Think To

“We have fallen down again, ‘tonight’

In this world, it’s hard to get it right…”

Ingrid Michaelson

Love can’t solve everything. But, it’s a place to start.

Mother Nature seems to be up in arms here…our bright and early brought greetings of thunder and lightning, and what has ensued has been a misfit summer day that has been a day of fits and starts, rain, thunder, sun, lightning; and time to read, play the game of Life and there may have been a nap in there somewhere.

This is a tune I hope you can’t get out of your head.

And one ‘everybody’ can get into their heart.

Ps: Nothing.

That’s the answer to the Sunday School riddle.

Just in case it was driving you nuts. It would me.



7 thoughts on “A Tune to Think To

    • Perfect! It’s such a great message packaged so nicely! I have loved the song for a long while and found I kept thinking of it in light of recent events. Glad it’s in your heart and head 🙂


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