Road Trip!

Along this blogging experience, I have been amazed by the people I have ‘met’ and continue to meet.  When I started out, I had no idea of the possibilities, it was literally something I thought I was ‘supposed to do‘ in connection with opening an Etsy shop. I did not anticipate that within just months, I would find such incredible people to connect and share ideas with, affirm and be affirmed by, be inspired by and learn from, be moved to tears by. And of course sometimes, often actually, find myself having a belly laugh that makes me (almost?) spit out my coffee when I am reading their words.  Who would not want all that!

So, not too long ago, I found myself thinking about how fun it would be to sit down and have coffee, tea, lunch or drinks [or all of the above!] with some of these fantastic bloggers and just spend some actual time exchanging ‘comments’ the way we do on our blogs, but without our keyboards.

With summer in our midst and my long-time dream to take a meandering road trip around the nation, I found myself daydreaming about making my way across from one coast to the other and everywhere in between.  Then, I imagined fitting in some extra stops along the way and actually meeting up with some of these amazing  bloggers.  How cool would that be? Then my iced coffee was gone, I woke up from the daydream and went back to work. Sigh.

Then it dawned on me! While I may not be able to pack up and pick up and hit the road in my real life, I could certainly do this virtually.  So, I made a few ‘travel arrangements’, got my maps from AAA, set my GPS device, stocked up on tunes, got my wheels in mint condition,  and I am happy to share that I am about to embark on my first [annual?] Summer Bloggin’ Road Trip. I set out later this week and will make my first stop somewhere in the USofA.  To get a hint…the tune at the end will give you an idea 🙂

You and I will get to ‘spend the day’ with some of my fantastic blogging friends, from all over this country, all so different from each other, and learn more about them, their blog, and get to ‘experience’ some of the highlights from their part of the country.  You might even learn a thing or two about me…you never know!

I’, looking forward to getting started, and in case you are wondering if you might see me driving along somewhere, I will be in my Triumph, driving along with the top down and the music turned way up!  If you hear me singing, just drive on by and smile. And wave like you think it sounds good.

One can always dream, right…

Where am I starting from, and where am I ‘going’ first?

You will be able to track my whereabouts with my nifty GBS system
[global blogging system].

And always remember…

…Little by little, one travels far.

J.R.R. Tolkein

1st Stop: Arizona  // Kate:  A Creative Cookie

2nd Stop: Oklahoma  //Paula: Stuff I Tell My Sister

3rd Stop: Louisiana  // Becc:  True Blog!

4th Stop: Virginia  // Gwen: The Bold Abode

5th Stop: Still in Virginia  // Mimi: Waiting for the Karma Truck

Last Stop: New Hampshire // Pam: Mercantile Muse


39 thoughts on “Road Trip!

    • Hi Kathy…thanks! I don’t get called a hoot every day…I’ll take it! 🙂 Stay tuned for where my ‘travels’ take me …and I may already be planning a second tour…it’s just too much fun! 🙂


  1. Highlight of my week! Am so, so, so excited! Having just gotten back from a Road Trip, I’m well and truly in the mood for another one! Oh, and I completely forgot to tweet back – where have cherry sours been all my life!? Oh. My. Goodness! 🙂


    • Are they just not the best candy ever?! I would not steer you wrong. I think it’s hilarious that on your road trip, you ate ‘my favorite American candy’ and on my way home from vacation, I ate your Aussie candy. Serendipity – one of my favorite words, both just for the word and what it means!

      Awesome…already having fun with my “Road Trip” – I think it’s all going to be great fun! Can’t wait to ‘see’ you 🙂


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