Not fair

It’s not fair, that’s what my cat would say, if she could talk.

We have one dog, one cat.

Cat is older-ish, Dog is young.

Dog likes to chase cat. Cat likes to hiss. At dog. It’s a beautiful relationship.

They mostly hate each other, but I think that secretly, it’s all an act. Like the toys in Toy Story who come alive when no one is looking,

I think they snuggle up with each other when we are not looking.

{ note: cat is sleeping in dog bed. With dog toy. }

Dog is small, and thinks he is large, and in charge.

Every night, dog runs out the pet door into the wild darkness and runs, oh how he runs. Laps up and down our long backyard. Back and forth, back and forth, speed racer!

Barking, barking, fiercely barking, our great protector. Or so he thinks.

He is chasing lions. Lions that only he can see.

Come is not a word easily understood in this situation, so dog gets a treat; I lure him in, close the pet door behind him and ‘crate’ him for the night.

Silence. Peace.

Cat sits by quietly, watching all this, like the good child who never gets in trouble, and wonders, I am sure, “hey,where is my treat?”

Not fair.

I am sure that’s what she’d be saying, if she could.


8 thoughts on “Not fair

  1. They sound like two siblings who haven’t grown up yet – then they realize how much they love each other. In the interim, they have to pick on each other interminably…:-)


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