Just pulled into Arizona, time for a rest

First Stop – Arizona!

Today is the first stop along my ‘Road Trip” and you all know I was headed for Arizona…I made that easy for you, the next clue won’t be so easy!   I left Northern California and ‘drove’ 755 miles south in my Triumph Herald, all the way down to Phoenix Arizona!  My butt hurts! 🙂   But, it was worth it,  I wanted to meet Kate,  the creative mind behind A Creative Cookie, and I think you will enjoy our meet up! Kate @ A Creative Cookie was among the first folks I connected with when I started my small creative biz on Etsy which in turn is what led me here to this fantastic corner of blogland. I love surprises, and this has got to be one of the best.

At the heart of my summer bloggin’ road trip  is my tribute to the unexpected and the what if:  Unexpected and surprising connections we can and have made as a result taking the risk to put a bit – or a lot – of ourselves out there for others to see, connect with, appreciate, learn from and sometimes just throw our heads back and have a good laugh with.  The what if; what if we could connect beyond our keyboards and computer screens?

So, the way this virtual visit works is  – I asked Kate some  questions I would likely ask her if we were sitting down together at her favorite spot(s) in her hometown,  to get to know each other a little bit better.

Since this is a bloggin’ road trip, we have to talk about blogging, of course. Tell me about when you got started in blogging – What was it that got you started?  Did you think about it for a long time, or did you just wake up one day and think, “I’m going to start a blog”?  // One day I realized my passion for crafting and decided to start a craft blog. I have had several blogs before A Creative Cookie, but none of them got off the ground. I was determined that this one would. The only part that took me a long time was thinking of a name!

How long have you been blogging now, and what would you say has surprised you the most about blogging?  // I’ve been blogging for about nine months now. What’s surprised me most… well really everything has surprised me! Before A Creative Cookie, I thought that “blogging” was more like having a website. I didn’t know it was anything personal, or that I could post about my life sometimes other than just crafts. I also didn’t know that blogging is a great way to meet new friends!  I didn’t realize that either; it’s been such a great surprise to find like minded, kindred spirits – I just didn’t anticipate that part of it, or see it coming, but I am so grateful for having ventured down this road, to find such amazing individuals. 

Everything has it’s challenges, are there things about being a blogger that just make you say, ugh?  Things you put off or just like less than the rest of it?  // The biggest challenge I have is to really be me when I write. After lots of thinking and reading a few posts, including this one , I’ve realized how the whole concept of “blog etiquette” is ridiculous. Leaving comments and making friends through blogging isn’t wrong at all, but I personally have found that reading other blogs, saying just the right things, and being witty and funny during posts… has all changed me and they way I write. I’m determined to make my posts as if I was really talking, not just me trying to be funny or interesting.  Commenting is the way we engage, connect and form relationships here, and don’t you think that’s also how we even find out partly who we are, by our own reactions to what others share?  I am glad we have some of that same perspective!

What topic/topics do you enjoy blogging about the most?  // I love blogging about craft tutorials, of course, but I also love sharing helpful tips. Giveaways are fun to host too!

I just rolled into your town…how are we going to spend the day?  // The Botanical Gardens  This is my favorite place to practice my photography! All the cacti, plants, flowers, and butterflies are just gorgeous! Of course you’d have to come during Spring for the best experience.  

Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium  The zoo is such a fun place to go! The Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium also has a fun log ride  to go on. I am also a huge fan of photographing animals, so this is also a fantastic place to go to! The Lowell Observatory If you would like to stay an extra day, we could drive up to The Lowell Observatory. They have a fun, interesting tour around the place that includes a visit to the Pluto Discovery Telescope. Salt River Tubing We could go on a fun 2 hour tubing ride down the river. Unwind with a floating cooler full of snacks and drinks but don’t forget sunscreen! Scottsdale Civic Center Mall This is a beautiful place with flowers, fountains, and sculptures. We could take a walk, feed the swans, and take lots of photos.

I just spent 755 miles in the car and want to unwind with a nice glass of wine – what do you say we go grab a drink? Where do you take me and what’s your favorite summer time beverage?   //  It’s funny – I’ve never gone out to get a drink! To try new things, I would take you to Hobs NobsI drive by them all the time and just love the look of the cute little place! My favorite summer time beverage would be lemonade… I’m not a huge drinker and don’t drink soda anymore.  That looks like a great spot! I love a nice glass of wine, and I don’t drink soda anymore either, (I managed to kick that habit about  a year ago ), and I love lemonade {is there anyone who doesn’t} so we’re good! 

What question(s) do you have for me while we relax?  // Which of the five places we “went to” above did you enjoy {or think you would enjoy} the most?   I would completely love the Salt River Tubing and any and all of the locations you scouted for some great photography. I always have a camera with me and love any opportunity to take photos. Especially in areas where it is just part of life. My husband grew up in Arizona, and he and I are going to have a long chat…he’s never taken me tubing, or to any of these incredible places. 

So, I’m pretty hungry after a day of driving and I’ve had my fill of fast food and truck stop food. I  would loooove something home cooked ; what would you fix for us to eat? // I would love to fix some of this delicious lookin’ ravioli, with parmesan cheesy bread my mom used to make. And how about some homemade hot fudge sundaes for dessert? 🙂  Duh! Ok…sure, um yeah, that would be great!

You had me at cheesy bread, by the way, and do you think I’d say no to dessert?  But before I get back on the road, I’m going to need a good cuppa cuppa to keep me awake for the next part of my drive….where would you take me for my java fix?   // I would take you to Donut Central, a cute donut and coffee place near my house. Sadly, I couldn’t find a website, but they have the yummiest donuts that we can munch on while sipping our coffee. Oh! And I can’t forget that they have the nicest staff.  That always keeps me coming back to a place too, kindness goes a long way and remains in my memory longer than any taste or flavor.

Tell me one surprising thing I would find out when meeting you for the first time?  // You would find that I have really long hair! I used to always wear it shoulder-length, but I love the longer look now. Putting it in messy buns is my favorite!  Mine used to be really long too, until I cut it all of at the big four-oh birthday, so I could donate it, and it’s been short ever since. 

It’s been an awesome stop – I want to take a souvenir home to remember my visit with you  – what should I put in my trunk to take home?  // You should grab a cute pair of sunglasses to remember the intense sun here! Oh, and snap lots of photos! Those capture the best memories.  

I’m heading out of the driveway – you toss me a CD  of your favorite tunes to listen to as I roll on down the highway – what is it and what’s your favorite song on it? I might just have to hand you two CDs!  Because I absolutely loooove musicals, I would toss you Wicked, a fun musical about how The Wizard of Oz came to be, and Les Miserables. Both are a family favorite here! My favorite songs are Defying Gravity and One Day More.  I am a fan of Les Miserables, and have enjoyed seeing it more than once. I wish I could say the same about Wicked, but it’s on my list to see now. Especially after listening to Kristen Chenowith and Idina Menzel sing Defying Gravity {embedding was disabled} I couldn’t stop listening to this song…and found myself really connecting with these lyrics:

Something has changed within me  — Something is not the same  — I’m through with playing by the rules  —  Of someone else’s game  — Too late for second-guessing  — Too late to go back to sleep  — It’s time to trust my instincts  — Close my eyes: and leap!  If you have seen Wicked, I am envious!

Is there anything else you want to say, I’m heading out!

Yes… thank you so much for visiting me! It’s been so much fun!

Kate, it’s been fun to get to know you a little better and thank you so much for being a warm welcome when I first came on the scene and for hosting my first  ‘stop’ in Arizona …I hardly noticed your 107 degree heat!


A Creative Cookie blog
is all about crafts and creative ideas and you can find, follow and like Kate in all these places!

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My mom taught me to return kindness with kindess, so Kate, you get a little token of appreciation from me – I hope you enjoy it!

So, as I roll on down the highway, where am I headed next?  Here is your hint; and I’ m being nice and giving you two clues:

My next stop is in a state bordered by six states and has the most (hu)man made lakes in the US.


Until next time, safe travels of all kinds…

…wheels, heart, mind and soul



21 thoughts on “Just pulled into Arizona, time for a rest

  1. What a FANTASTIC idea. A roadtrip of a lifetime. And what a way for us to meet new friends too! Very cool Bonnie…very, very cool. 🙂


  2. I am LOVING this road trip Bonnie! It’s off to an amazing start and I can’t wait to see where you head next… I’m off to look at some googlemaps and try to decipher your next clue 🙂 Will definitely be following you along the way!


    • Thanks Amb!! I love that you love it..it’s been so much fun already! I want to know if you figure out my next stop before I post, glad you are going to try and figure it out. That’s what I would do too 🙂 Hop in and ride along, there is room for you in my car, there’s a few of us now, but we can squeeze in and the trip will be much more fun with company. My only rule…you have to sing along and sound better than me. Which should be easy!!


    • Oh I think the stink is better, or should I say, finally going away…at least when we woke up today it seemed to not be such a presence…fingers crossed. Dog got two more baths last night, and a friend gave me some good advice…put little bowls with coffee grounds and little bowls with vinegar around the house…the absorb the smell. So I did….I think it helps.

      Fun trip so far…looking forward to my next stop 🙂


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