Just a few words about July

Now, if we all band together, maybe we can slow down the hands of time, and stop summer in its tracks.  Wherever you are, wishing you an amazing August.


21 thoughts on “Just a few words about July

  1. Looks like July was a mighty good one though…love the photos and thanks for sharing the month with us. Good reminder to appreciate, sip, and savor every day…they’re gone in a flash. Happy August Bonnie…safe travels and take LOTS of pictures! 🙂


    • July was very good to me…to us…and yes, the days are gone in a flash. I don’t do any kind of scrapbooking…this is a way to not let time go by toooo fast. Yes, sip and savor…what are you pouring this morning my dear? 🙂
      And the camera…always with me…it’s like a 3rd arm…
      Happy August to you…and August that insists on marching way too fast for my taste…sigh!


      • Yes..this IS like a scrapbook of sorts. A much more fun one IMHO. I just poured a glass of red, getting ready to watch my boy Jimmy win another race! 😉
        I know what you mean about the Camera. Mine is lovely known as CC (constant companion). Don’t leave home without it!


  2. Aww this was an awesome post! I’m glad you enjoyed your July, got to re-balance, and met some goals along the way. Keep smiling!!!


    • Dianne…didn’t mean to make you mist, should have left you a tissue…thanks so much; if we/I don’t take that minute, its too easy to just march on and let the small – but big- moments fade. so glad you are here 🙂


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