Where We Meet

It’s a funny thing, this blogging, and it gets my attention how we find each other, and connect, and how it happens in the most unexpected moments. Maybe its finding something that’s been Freshly Pressed, or reading the comments of one kindred blogger that leads you to another.  Or someone finds you and it quickly becomes a source of  mutual admiration.

At the end of the day, I realize that it’s not so important how we connect, just that we do.  And we do, and on some days, it’s something to reckon with.

What I got to thinking about though, is the place where we meet; where we intersect. I think it is safe to say that we each have our own blogging story; what brought us here in the first place, what has kept us here, what propels us to keep going.  But where we become the same is when we find like-minded cyber souls who provide this unique place of camaraderie and conversation; when we find voices that inspire and inform us; when we respond to hearts that challenge us to share more of our own. When we connect with spirits that lift us up and make us laugh, or cry,  from that place in our core where we know we are understood. We laugh because we relate; it’s the real life Seinfeld moment. It’s funny, or poignant, because what we just read is something that we just KNOW in our bones.

Sometimes, we know it so well, there are no words, at first.

But what about the part that came before?

Someone I know, well, ok, my husband, is one of those people who can walk in, in the middle of a  movie or tv show, and start watching for a while. And then suddenly when there is but, oh maybe, ten minutes left, he gets up and walks out.  This drives me  crazy; I don’t understand this at all.  I want the whole story, start to finish. I often want what comes when the story ends; what happens to those people, those characters I just invested in?  If I miss any of the dialogue I am lost, I want all the words.

So it is fitting, to me, that I wonder about where we meet.

We are all here for our own unique reasons and in our own unique way. But of those I have ‘met’, there seems to be, at the heart of all this, a resounding exclamation of gratitude, friendship, joy, comfort, laughter, a safe place for our gentle souls.  We find each other in our own way, find a voice and a story we recognize and we join the chorus, we dig a little deeper and before we know it, these people are part of our day, part of our story. Thinking about it this way, it surprises me that we are a little surprised when we do connect. I suppose we are just funny like that.

What stuck in my mind is that we connect with each other at various stages along our roads, at different points in our stories and our own discoveries; at different points in finding our own voice. We then move forward from that point on – and I have this crazy image in my head  –  that we are now each driving one of those ridiculous clown cars, each stuffed with more characters than would seemingly fit.  But, they do! My clown car has got some awesome characters and in my car, we keep the radio turned up. Way up. 🙂

We merge and keep moving forward from that point on and our stories become part of the new collective.

But I have to admit, I wonder about what happened back there, earlier on down the road. What I might have missed, the stories that I haven’t heard, the bumps in the road I missed.

If as people in the real world, and we met in person, we would probably share those stories of what came before meeting; we might talk about where we grew up, how we came to be in our careers, big loves and big break ups, stories of sneaking out and bruises to our hearts and egos, maybe about when our children were born, and when our pets came in and out of our lives and about the people who shouldn’t have, but have left us. Whether it was time or not. And the all-important little silly stories that spell out who we truly are.

So, my curiosity comes with a question, an invitation really. Just like our own stories, what we wrote earlier on doesn’t just fade away, it becomes part of what and who we are now, what we share and who we connect with. So, here you are today, cruising along the blogging highway and I say, make a U-turn and take us with you….if there is a post or blog entry that is back at exit 7 and you have new characters who just joined you at exit 63 , leave a comment with a link and share. I’m betting that I am not the only person who likes to see the whole movie.


21 thoughts on “Where We Meet

  1. So glad to find in such expressive words what I have been thinking these past few days. I’m new at this blogging thing and have been so surprised at people finding my blog. I
    I started clicking and reading others and discovered that people who like the ones I like are going to have blogs I like and be the ones that like me, too. (diagram that!)
    I found you commenting on someone I was following. I thought that my friends would follow my blog, but instead my followers are friends that I have yet to meet.


    • Hi Ly…thank you for finding me and commenting! I am glad that what I expressed here resonates, I am delighted each day by the connections here and what is shared. I would love to know who follow where you found my comment…and know the connection! I have done that too and have found some of the most gentle, kind and wonderful individuals. I like how you put it, ‘friends I have yet to meet’ – and that’s why I am doing my bloggin’ road trip, to honor those people we ‘meet’ along the way. Glad you are here!


      • I found your comment on http://diannegray.wordpress.com/ and clicked because of the title–paperkeeper–I am one! I don’t have calendars or soccer schedules; I have little notes with book titles, blog writers to find, the latest health advice, TV shows to watch, phone numbers that have no significance when I find them later, I could go on.
        Hope you find something on my blog that will strike a chord with you.
        Nice to meet you, friend! Laura


    • Thank you so much! I just went to read your post and I love it; and it does give me more of the story, yours – I love that! Thank you for sharing it here for me and any of the others who come here. YOU have a seat in my clown car for as long as you wish to ride along!! 🙂 I read your post today about parents…I am still mulling it over 🙂 it really got me thinking!


    • Hi there..thank you so much – and love that you made your way here from The Smile Scavenger! I am glad you stopped by, and your post is lovely – it’s such a journey for all of us, this finding our voice and our place here. Just keep writing…for you and no one else and that will shine through!


  2. awwwww…I love your words just as I have come to love you, in a very short time….keep thinking and writing and inspiring all of us, dear friend ♥ paula ♥ you make me laugh and cry…and we ARE kindred spirits ~


  3. “But where we become the same is when we find like-minded cyber souls who provide this unique place of camaraderie and conversation” – you just perfectly captured my favourite part of blogging, Bonnie! Love this… and you! MWAH!


    • Oh you are the best…a MWAH right back at ya! 🙂 I am so glad you connected with that..I was so surprised by it all, and I am in a bit of awe really, how all this happens! Now, you, go get better and try to avoid the antibiotics..don’t you just try to do everything to not have to take them?! xo


      • Same here! I’m still surprised when it happens, but it’s the best kind of surprise! Yes, I’m off to have a hot shower and a snooze – anything to avoid those antibiotics is right!


  4. I loved every word that you wrote. We met sometime last month, I believe – via Truth and Cake. But I actually only started this blog on June 20th, when I set out to change my life.


    I hope you’re going to follow up this post with some background on your life or vignettes that peer into important moments that made you who you are. That would be an interesting read, I’m certain, for you are an interesting lady… and a talented writer!


    • Thank you so much; once again the Smile Scavenger inspires a smile, and I hope you tuck it away for safe keeping!

      I really appreciate your encouragement to share more, so appreciate that…like I said, we are all “…at different points in finding our own voice” and the same is definitely true for me. I am extremely grateful for the space here to explore, and with others on that same road. We are all better for it I believe. 🙂


    • Kathy – thanks so much, it is something that had just been on my mind lately, sorting out some of my reflections on being here in blogland.

      Thanks for sharing the link to one of your earliest posts, I love it, it was great to see where you started – and that we share a very similar important day 🙂

      And yes…how can someone leave before the movie ends – I still don’t understand it either! Glad someone else needs the whole story too!


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