Standing Taller

After a perfect day with my friends yesterday, I find that today I am standing a little taller

And I certainly feel refreshed { if not a little tired too…}

The other night I was watching the tape delayed broadcast of the women’s beach volleyball quarterfinals: USA vs Italy.  While USAs May-Treanor and Walsh Jennings defended their title, the commentators were waxing eloquent about strategy, their (amazing) dynamics as a team, their relationship and how they work together so well, because they know each other so well.  In the midst of the commentary, I heard one of the commentators mention a quote that came from their sports psychologist Michael Gervais who had commented about the many facets contributing to their success as a team:

“Confidence is that little voice in your head that says you belong.”

The athletes know they belong with each other, they know they belong in the top seat in their sport and it shows, it shines, it radiates.

As friends, isn’t this the best gift we can give to each other?  This confidence; this belonging.

When we belong, and know that we belong, we can shine and radiate so much more goodness.

It only gets better from there.

Ps…I did not buy those shoes {I’d have to take a second out on my mortgage…}, but I did try them on, and managed to not break an ankle, or my neck. But they launched me into a different lattitude;  I am not vertically challenged and stepping out in those would certainly qualify me for a spot in the circus!

Can you imagine if you combined photo 1 with photo 2?



12 thoughts on “Standing Taller

  1. Wow!! In my heart I would love to combine photo 1 with photo 2, but in my mind and in my feet, I know that would not be a good idea, so I will just take photo 2! 😉 I think the universe is sending me a message because everything I am reading lately is reminding me of the importane of nurturing my friendships…a message that I need to hear right now. Sounds like you had a blast! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Geez Bonnie – now I get the comment about the shoes…I’m impressed with your grace – I have every reason to believe I would have keeled over within the first two steps..Love the post and the truth in that a feeling of belonging just enhances all that follows..


    • Oh, there was no grace – I stood up, took one step with each foot, while holding on to my girlfriends, and then promptly sat down. I would have injured myself, or another, or something! if I had attempted anything else. I marvel at the thought that anyone actually wears those…we had fun playing though 🙂 And yes, knowing that you belong, can only generate more goodness.


  3. LOVE those shoes!

    And feel free to combine photo 1 and photo 2 – just remember to kick photo 1 off your feet anytime you need to walk anywhere after 3 or more photo 2’s!


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