Where the Wind Comes Sweepin’ Down the Plain…Road Trip!

Road Trip – Stop 2: Oklahoma or Bust!

Oh, I’ve been ‘driving’ for days it seems. And I thought my butt hurt last week! 🙂 Since I left Arizona last week, my little Triumph has logged another 1,113 miles…and a layer of dust as I darted through the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  I am so glad to make a stop today, because as they say, Oklahoma is the place to be!  And, if you don’t know Paula, from Stuff I Tell My Sister, well, after meeting her, you’re gonna want to tell your sister!

Paula and I connected in the last few months, and yet it feels like I have known her forever.  I am so glad to be here, Paula is the salt of the earth, funny as can be, and she’s so nice, but not just nice, she’s nice with a side of spice. The best kind; the kind that adds just the right flavor to every conversation and when you visit her blog, you will find that she has a big heart.

So much so, that she sent me a few gifts before I even left the driveway.  She sent me a bit of the Oklahoma Red Dirt and said in a handwritten note on a card made by an OK artist,  that “No Oklahoma visit can be complete without touching our Indian Red Soil. Once you ‘feel it’ it is forever in your heart!”  And this was tucked in too, which of course I’ve been wearing while I drive.

Just to recap, in case anyone just jumped in, my summer bloggin’ road trip is all about honoring the connections we find and make through our blogs. The way this virtual visit works is  – I asked Paula some  questions I would likely ask her if we really got to meet in person, sitting down together at her favorite spot(s) in her hometown,  so we could get to get to know each other a little bit better.

Since this is a bloggin’ road trip, we have to talk about blogging, of course. Tell me about when you got started in blogging – What was it that got you started?  Did you think about it for a long time, or did you just wake up one day and think, “I’m going to start a blog”?  // I had been thinking about starting a blog since our move to Oklahoma four years ago.  Always an excuse with all of the life stuff going on.  FINALLY, on my sister’s b-day 6 months ago, I decided that would be the perfect day and way to kick off “Stuff I Tell My Sister”.  // That’s a perfect!  I remember when you started, I began seeing you on Facebook and with your name, Stuff I Tell My Sister, well, you got my attention and I definitely wanted to know what stuff you tell your sister!

How long have you been blogging now, and what would you say has surprised you the most about blogging?  // I have been blogging six months as of July 10.  What has surprised me the most?  a.The new contacts/blog friends I have from all over the world. Amazing and so awesome to me b.  That anyone would care to read what I’ve penned. //  It is pretty amazing, huh, to see that people from all over the world are reading; the map on the stats page still blows my mind! Your posts are so heartfelt and then sometimes, so funny – it does not surprise me that people want to read!

Everything has it’s challenges, are there things about being a blogger that just make you say, ugh?  Things you put off or just like less than the rest of it?  // The only pressure in blogging comes from “me”.  I feel guilty if more than a couple of days go by and I have not had time to post something.  But there are days when my “head” draws a blank page!  

What topic/topics do you enjoy blogging about the most?  // I love humor, but also treasure heart-felt posts of our veterans, the U.S. Flag & family. // You have such a heart for others, it shows and it’s a great reminder to remember what’s important and honor those who make sacrifices for all of us. And not a post goes by that doesn’t draw a smile from me, not to mention a good belly laugh on some days!!

I just rolled into your town…how are we going to spend the day?  // Since you arrived in town mid-morning, we have time to drive over to Chouteau to (1) The Amish Cheese House!  It’s about an hour’s drive.  Along the way you can see some of our lovely Oklahoma farmland!  We will grab (2) the best sandwich in the WORLD here, and you’ll want to pick up some souvenirs, I’m sure.  Then we will head over to (3) their local Sonic for a beverage and have a picnic in the car.   

We will take a different path home and hit the famous Route 66 when we leave and head to Vinita, OK.    Yeah! I have always wanted to drive along Route 66, so I am glad I get to with a local! 

Here you’ll find antique shopping and dessert at (4)  Clanton’s Cafe. The coconut pie is my favorite! Clanton’s was featured on Diners-Drive-ins and Dives.  And as if that were not enough, while we are in Vinita, we need to stop at (5) Summerside Winery (also on Route 66!).  They have the best raspberry and blackberry wine ever. If we happen to catch a cooler day, we can sit on the patio and sip winaritas  { you must share with the world about these winaritas! } while listening to a little music.  We will stay on Route 66 home and we will stop at the (6) Blue Whale, a famous swimming hole from back in the day.

I just spent 1,113 miles in the car and want to unwind with a nice glass of wine – what do you say we go grab a drink? Where do you take me and what’s your favorite summer time beverage?   //  I know you’d probably like to go home first, but instead, we will just freshen up in the car and while in Catoosa, head on over to The Hard Rock Casino for a relaxing evening of music and drink of your choice. There is of course, gambling, food, and several venues of terrific music. I’m guessing we will choose to relax at C-Notes. //  I’ll go wherever you take me! It all looks great, and I am loving all this OK charm; you just never know about a place that you don’t stop and learn about.  I would not have guessed there’d be a vineyard in OK. That whale is adorable and I loved learning that it was an anniversary present.  

What question(s) do you have for me while we relax?  // What one piece of advice from do you hope your children will take to heart?  //  You asked me some really great questions – we could be here all day!  This is a great one; my son is 8 going on 24 it seems some days, and it’s such a pivotal time. He’s starting to define himself separate from us, his parents, and I want him to take the values of kindness and compassion, intrinsic rewards and self initiative and make them his own. I want him to really embrace a sense of personal responsibility. I work with college students so I see the future version of him every day, and I want him to be able to take ownership for his decisions and choices, lead from his heart and mind and always maintain his outstanding sense of humor, ease and confidence in talking with people.  That’s more than one piece of advice…poor kid! 

So,  I’m pretty hungry after a day of driving and I’ve had my fill of fast food and truck stop food. I  would loooove something home cooked ; what would you fix for us to eat?  //  IF you are really hungry when we get back to the house, I will gladly whip up a dish for you.  How ’bout some fresh salsa with our naked burritos?  // Of course I am still hungry! We’ve been all over and talking all day!  I love fresh salsa and I have to admit, I am kind of curious about this naked burrito!

Before I get back on the road, I’m going to need a good cuppa cuppa to keep me awake for the next part of my drive….where would you take me for my java fix?   // So you need coffee for the road?  I am not a coffee drinker.  It’s tea for me.  How ’bout we just head over to Starbucks?  You can have your coffee fix and I’ll have passion iced tea. // Yes, I need my java fix – sigh, I have tried to be a tea drinker so many times, have given up caffeine more than once, but I always go back. So, Starbucks sounds perfect – I’ll have a venti nonfat sugar free vanilla misto while you have your passion iced tea.

Tell me one surprising thing I would find out when meeting you for the first time?  // I really don’t know, other than I am actually somewhat quiet when I first meet someone.  And THEN after a bit, I talk excessively! //  No! I am surprised, you are so easy to ‘talk’ to, it seems surprising that you are quiet at first.  But, at the same time, I  can see that; it’s interesting with blogging, how we form connections that are just extensions of ourselves in such a way that they are like ongoing conversations. It takes away some of the hesitation we might feel or sense in person, which is great!

It’s been an awesome stop – I want to take a souvenir home to remember my visit with you  – what should I put in my trunk to take home?  // My favorite Oklahoma items to send home with folks?  A red rose rock, dug from Noble, Oklahoma.  A bag of Red Dirt…you grow to love it when you live here. And if you are a salsa lover, a jar of Ironhead Salsa from Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma.  I buy it by the case!  It will burn the hair off of your tongue! //  I am such a wimp, oh my goodness, and so embarrassing for a CA girl to admit, but for you, I will attempt this salsa that claims to burn the hair off my tongue!  I love the red dirt and the rose rock you sent – they are on my shelf next to my computer; my son asked if he could have them. Mama said no! 

I’m heading out of the driveway – you toss me a CD  of your favorite tunes to listen to as I roll on down the highway – what is it and what’s your favorite song on it? // The cd I will send home with you? Trisha Yearwood’s cd, “Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love“. “The Dreaming Fields” really stands out. This song takes me back to my childhood days spent on my grandparent’s farm. The first time I heard the song, I cried.  Trisha Yearwood & hubby Garth Brooks are our neighbors, living  a few miles down the road from us.  (yes, we can drive by there, too)  { um, yeah! } I would probably also give you a Garth Brooks and Vince Gill cd…both Oklahoma boys that I love! //I’ve always liked Trisha Yearwood, even own a CD or two! Not any of the recent ones though, and this song is beautiful – I do love how it captures the essence of the legacy of the farming days of your grandparents.  

Is there anything else you want to say, I’m heading out, gotta hit the road again! // Thanks for the visit!  I sure hope our Oklahoma hospitality resonates with you for years to come!  And there are so many more places to explore, so come back again, ya hear? // I hear! I hear! Get my room ready, I will be back – it’s been such a treat to experience your hospitality, get to know you better, see some of your favorite places and what home means to you. I loved it all – thank you for being am amazing host along my bloggin’ road trip! 

Stuff I Tell My Sister  is a blog about everyday stuff that I would share with my sisters or friends.  Rants, raves, books, music, family, trips…ya never know what you might need to tell your sister!!  Find Paula on Facebook and Twitter – you will be so glad you did!

My mom taught me to return kindness with kindess, so Paula, you get a little token of appreciation from me – I hope you enjoy it!

So, as I roll on down the highway, where am I headed next?  Here is your next hint:  My next stop has the tallest state capitol building in the United States. Ok, one more…I’m such a softie…and it is home to the longest bridge over water in the world.

Thanks for riding along, and until next time, safe travels of all kinds…

…wheels, heart, mind and soul


35 thoughts on “Where the Wind Comes Sweepin’ Down the Plain…Road Trip!

  1. That was so nice! I wish I could meet Paula in real life.
    If you’re ever up for a boat or plane trip, you can always come to Norway… and ask me all the questions you like 🙂


  2. This is sooooo great! And you spent the day with one of my favorites! I love Paula and you’ve described her to a T! OOOOOOOOOOkaloma…yee haw. 🙂


      • Bonnie, my baby brother lives in OKC , so I’ve been where the wind come sweepin down the plains. While it’s a long way from the east coast…it’s got plenty of it’s own charm and brutal beauty. Well worth the trip and more so return visits. Next time I’m there, I’m heading up Tulsa way to meet Ms. Paula..No way am I missing out on that chance!


        • Oh that’s wonderful…wish I could meet ya in the middle! 🙂 I’ve never been there, and after ‘meeting’ Paula I realize how much charm there is to be found in OK. I like a state that is known as OK 🙂


          • Oh yes…you’ve seen the photos that Paula’s has posted on the city of Tulsa…OKC is nothing like that. It’s not so metro. What kills me is you go downtown at 6 pm on ANY night…and it’s EMPTY. Maybe they all stuck in traffic on the highway…but downtown is a breeze. ONe day Bonnie…one day we’ll all make the road trip, for real. We just have to.


  3. Makes me long for younger days-traveling with unhappy kids, but the luscious scenery, the feeling a part of our huge beautiful country-priceless-enjoy! The pics are terrific!


  4. Goodness! I’m so glad you’re having a blast on your travels. I sent an e-mail to the public e-mail available on your Gravatar page requesting to link to your blog on an upcoming post. Please let me know if it’s okay! Keep smiling 🙂


      • I read an interesting article about vacations once… it postulated that people enjoy daydreaming about going more so than they enjoy actually going. I’m not sure I believe that… maybe the researchers should pay a bunch of us to go on some vacations and help their case?


        • Definitely interesting! I am such an anticipation person, so I understand it on one level, but I definitely want both; time to dream, plan and anticipate, but I also want to experience it!! I agree, I think they need a group of testers to get down to it and really find out! 🙂


  5. Darn it, I didn’t guess Oklahoma! I feel like I missed out on a chance to be singing “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” all week! I think I’ll youtube Hugh Jackman’s performance when I get home…and hit repeat about 1,000 times… 🙂
    Maybe I’ll do better at guessing your next location? I’m off to google info about bridges…I may have an idea…


  6. Reblogged this on stuff i tell my sister and commented:
    I’m still out “playing” this week and am anxious to share photos and funnies we’ve come across through the week. Today though, I am sharing with you a great visit from my friend, Bonnie at Paper Keepers. She has been on a roadtrip also, and this week, our paths crossed. Though we just met via cyberspace a few months ago, it seems we are kindred spirits ~ so join in on the festivies! And I’ll see ya again soon! ♥


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