Fair Weather Friends

We need a reprieve from the triple digits;

so we are heading west in search of cooler temps.

In the spirit of double digits, here’s a double scoop treat:

a musical GPS that tells you where we are headed,

and smile for your Saturday.

I dare you to wipe that smile off your face…

And we are off, our Marriott awaits!

I hope you all have a great weekend; stay cool.


16 thoughts on “Fair Weather Friends

  1. Oh I love that!! Once again, I am completely jealous of you guys. Could you please ensure you go to Ghiradelli for me and eat some caramel squares. Yes, I get that you can get them in stores, but there’s something so awesome about sitting sniffing the sea air, watching the bay and eating Ghiradelli chocolate. Sigh.


  2. LOVE it and smiling big….makes me wanna come along…. and also makes me think of “I Love Lucy” ~ A cool 61 degrees here this a.m. We know it won’t stay…but certainly welcome it for now!!! Enjoy your cooler places! ♥ paula


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