We Ran Away…

We hit the road to find cooler temps in the city by the bay.

It was sweet to dodge the heat

And we savored every detail

Especially the characters we met along way

This fellow wanted to know if we were jolly.

And while tempting, we did not interrupt the serious negotiations about the lunch box.

With ocean breezes we felt invincible,

Until we witnessed the toughest fish in the sea…

But we did spy

A room with a view

and directions at every turn.

And now that we are home, again, this is how I feel…

Happy Monday! Stay cool wherever you are!


17 thoughts on “We Ran Away…

  1. How I miss the City! Having spent four years in Berkeley, SF was a great place to get away from papers and exams and just have some good old-fashioned touristy fun. Plus, there was a bar called the Holy Cow that was awesome for so many reasons more than its name. Glad you had a great time, Bonnie!


  2. San Fransisco, whoohoo! I’ve only visited once and I would just love to go back. It’s such a fabulous city! And speaking of fabulous, my friend, I am LOVING those photos! They’re all great, but I especially like the ones of Ghiradelli’s… yum. Looks like you had a wonderful time 🙂


    • You have to visit again! For as many times as I have been there, still haven’t seen it all! Thank you so much for the note on the photos…my heart sings when I have my camera in hand and great scenery all around. Ghirardelli’s is fab…wish I knew how to make scratch n sniff photos on the blog! 🙂


  3. Love your San Fran pics, especially the row houses (saw them over at Mercantile Muse). We’ll be there for an overnight next month, in Union Square. I may have to hunt for some of these landmarks!


    • Oh that’s great – so glad you have a visit to SF in your near future! I was born there and it just feels like home whenever I return. In Union Square – a great, bustling part of town, but it doesn’t take much to see the other areas. Visit Golden Gate park if you can – so beautiful! enjoy!


    • Wonderful getaway…and thanks on the photos. I am always about a half a block behind my guys, me and the camera 🙂 We left 108 and exchanged it for 68. Crazy huh, just under two hours. And now, we are back, and its 106 today and 104 tomorrow. But, I love summer, so gotta take it all I guess!


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