I need to think about it

School starts next week, which means the sudden return to schedules, routines, lunch bags, homework, practices  and games. Don’t get me wrong, I love it all. Well, except for the making lunches part, that is one of those tasks that I completely over-estimate in my mind and that for some reason  always seems far more difficult that it really ever turns out to be.

But first, one last hurrah of summer. My friend and I have a tradition of taking our boys away for a few days of mother/son camping as the last thing we do before school starts. Just the moms.  Just the boys. We love the one-on-one time with our guys, getting dirty, cooking out, being free of distractions, chucking most of the rules, except the ones that preserve our safety, and well, just soaking in the last bits of summer.

So, I am trying to pack, get all the items on my half of the food list, make sure we have the essentials and nothing more. Ok, a few glamping items are on my list, I must admit.

I am running around thinking I am quite busy, and so efficient in my planning, but I soon realize  that as I go to switch the laundry, I remember I need the flashlight; so I go to the cabinet to grab it, when I realize it probably needs batteries. So, I turn to add that to my list when I see that I need to buy the hot dog buns, which jogs my mind that I need to pack the sausage we have in the fridge. When I open the fridge, it dawns on me to check to see if I have a bag of edamame in the freezer, or if I need to buy that.  Which of course reminds me that I need to be sure to pack clean underwear and a toothbrush for my kiddo. Edamame to underwear. Somehow, I know you follow. And yes, I do realize this is more for my sake than his.

So, do I finish the laundry or run to the store first?  Or should I throw in the laundry, find the flashlight, pack the underwear, charge the camera battery and then head to the store? I need to think about it but while I think, I will take a nap. Or do I take a nap, and then think about it?  Or do I throw in the laundry, then take a nap after plugging in the camera battery and checking my list one more time? One thing I do know, I am not the only one who suffers from this…

See you all in a few. While I am away, please remember to change your underwear and buy the hot dog buns. Oh wait, that’s on my list.


32 thoughts on “I need to think about it

  1. Have the most fantastic time!! Soak up your time with your boys, the sun, the beauty and definitely take a nap first!! The picture is amazing, and conjures up some wonderful images of the terrific few days you are about to have!!


    • Thank you!! We chose a new location for this year…too many mosquitoes at the old spot, lovely as it is. I will miss it for sure, it’s mystical in a way, but bature is full of little paradoxes, and mosquitoes are certainly one of them! 🙂 See you on the other end of the week…off to pack, or nap. Or nap and then pack… 😀 xo


    • David, thank you so much. Coming from the master of good finds, you have set my day on to a lovely start. 🙂 The photo was taken on our camping trip location from the last few years [we are relocating this year simply due to mosquitoes] and it’s called Wright’s Lake, it’s in the Eastern Sierra’s in Northern California, at the foot of Desolation Wilderness. Have you ever been to this part of the country?


  2. Oh, my gosh! It’s like you are peeking in at my life. Oh, what to do, first, what to do, what to do? Yes many suffer from this, and I am one, For Sure! Have a blast on your camping trip!


    • So funny – I am not peeking, promise!! 🙂 But glad to know we can relate! So glad! I am still spinning around this morning with last minute stuff. And here I am at the computer! Haha! Thans for the well wishes and if we don’t connect before yours, have a lovely time!! 🙂 B


  3. HAAAAAAAAAA! I was rolling on the floor after reading this! I’m trying to pack to leave for holidays on Saturday and I’m doing exactly the same thing!

    You’re a gem – have a wonderful time 🙂


    • OMG you got ME laughing now! I am cracking up! Glad to provide some comic relief for your packing as well! Why does it all seem so convoluted?! 🙂 Have a wonderful time on your trip and don’t forget to pack your underwear, or was that the hot dog buns? Oh, just bring them both!


      • Several years ago we went on holidays and I forgot my underwear! This was really odd because I’m so anal and I write lists of everything 🙂
        The only good part of this is that I had to go and buy myself all new underwear (which was really quite nice)


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