S’More Campfire Cones for Me

As I promised, I am back today with the life changing campfire cones. Ok, they are not life changing [well if you eat enough of them, something will change!].

And the best part – my ‘yurt inspecting‘ and ‘coffee maker in the ladies room is genius‘ peeps, you will be glad to hear that you really don’t even have to go camping to have campfire cones. If you have a grill or fire pit, you can use your indoor plumbing, sleep in your own bed and lather up without worry or concern about how many minutes for how many quarter and still enjoy a bit of camping. But, you may not make these inside your home; that would just be wrong.

In previous years, we would keep making s’mores for the boys and could not understand when they they did not want s’more.   So, we mixed it up this year with something new.  I have Pinterest to thank for the original find and then just added my own twist to the ‘recipe’.

All you need is before you in the photo below: sugar cones, foil, and goodies like semi-sweet chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, Nutella, and mini marshmallows. What you can’t see are the gourmet sea salt caramels, which were a perfect, and I dare say, necessary, addition.  The original recipe included chopped bananas or strawberries, and I am guessing that peaches might be something to consider also.

 That giant knife? Not needed. I didn’t want any confusion there.

First step: spread the Nutella all along the inside of the cone.

You could substitute peanut butter for the Nutella. Or use both.

So kid and kid-at-heart friendly – and easy to make.

Each person gets to create their own favorite combination.

Just fill the cone with the what you like!

Wrap those baby’s in the tin foil and sit back for about 20 minutes to let the melted magic happen.

I don’t think any explanation is necessary, but just in case


And I won’t say for sure, but it’s possible, just quite possible, that the camping mamas may have tucked those cute boys into their sleeping bags, snug as bugs, and then gone back out to the still cracklin’ campfire and had a second campfire cone. But I’ll never tell…it may be just another tall tale of the Camping Mamas…

Happy Roasting – what will you put in your campfire cone(s)?



27 thoughts on “S’More Campfire Cones for Me

    • Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by to check out the campfire cones and the blog, very happy to welcome you to my corner! Any friend of Liz’s is a friend of mine! Have a great weekend! -B


  1. !!!!!!! As a food professional (yes, that’s what I am 😉 ), I can only say BRILLIANT (and yes, I am screaming this word at you). Brilliant times at least a hundred, but probably more. I love love love this “recipe” and am out to buy sugar cones soon as we’ll be firing up that fire pit tonight if for no other reason than to make these. Love how you fill them with whatever sweet things you like. And the sea salt caramel? Hoo boy–you’ve pushed this one way over the top, Bon.

    Hoping you can sense my enthusiasm for these cones, here, Bonnie. 😉 Nicely done. I really oughta read more of your old posts.


    • YAY!!!!!!!! I hear you!!! I hear you!! And I so excited that I made my food biz/blogger friend yell BRILLIANT at me!! Talk about make my day!!!

      I am dying to know…did you try, did you like, what did you put in yours??? The possibilities are endless!! Did the girls love them? Now, I want one too! And yes, the sea-salt caramels were totally over the top and totally necessary!! I wouldn’t kid about that. Just cut them up into small pieces so that melted caramel goodness can get in between all the other yummy-ness! 🙂


  2. These look amazing Bonnie! I am going to try them on the weekend for sure! Mind you, they’re going to be made using the “urban” method … which sounds like I’m trying to be a tough chick, but really just means I’ll be making them indoors on my george foreman grill 🙂 Will report back and let you know how it goes! xo.


    • Oh heck yeah…peppermint patties! Had not thought of them as an option. I don’t get a chance to watch PW very often, so I missed her campfire cones. I will have to check her website – always yummy stuff!


  3. Ahhh this looks delicious. Sara and I like to make s’mores in the oven at our tiny apartment. 😀 I hope you’ve been well! I just nominated you for the 7 Things award. 😀 Sharing time! Haha.


  4. i reckon that is breakfast right there that is 🙂 thank you lovely for sharing i am now off to make breakfast as suggested by camping mums 🙂 have a super day xx


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