And So It Goes…

Backpack is packed.

School supplies are stocked and ready.

New shoes are bought and ready to rock the playground.

Hair is combed.

Lunch is packed.

Uniform is fresh. Shirt is tucked.

Promoting from one grade to the next.

Up the stairs this year, higher learning, new challenges.

He’s ready.

But, am I?


19 thoughts on “And So It Goes…

  1. Awww Bonnie, he’s 8 already? It’s the beginning of the end. NOT…now you’re getting to the meat in the middle. You won’t have time to worry about where the time has gone for at least 10 years…then you are gonna stop to breath for a second, realize he’s 18, and start ballin’ your head off. But, that gets better (and more fun) too. Enjoy, go with it…we can do nothing more than we do.


    • Thanks Rhonda…last night, we were having a conversation about girlfriends!! All I could do was grip the steering wheel and look straight ahead while driving! Yes, he’s 8 – and such an interesting little person, and I love his sense of humor and just who he is. I can totally see what you mean about the meat in the middle!! xoxo


    • Thanks so much…first day down and all is well. The funny part – no homework for him, but there is for me. We have to cover the textbooks with bookcovers – do you rememer doing this with the brown sacks from the grocery store! too funny- I feel 12 again! 🙂


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