Maybe it’s because it’s Monday, or it’s the let down that summer is over and all things routine, scheduled, busy and deadline-d are fast approaching, if not already here.

Maybe it’s because my cat has woken me up pre-dawn three mornings in a row, which might be fine if I went to bed when the rest of the world goes to bed. But I am a night person living in a morning person’s world, so let’s not hold our breath on that one. I am just plain tired. Sandpaper behind my eyes tired. Not enough coffee in the world to wake me up tired.

Maybe it’s because things are  a bit tense, for lack of a better word [see note above] at work. To say the least.

Maybe it’s because I went on two wheels to meet two friends for two glasses of wine mid-afternoon yesterday.  These things can catch up with you.

Maybe it’s because things seem a bit off, a bit uncertain, with a friend who is beyond dear to me and in my uncertainty if all things are equal, I am quite certain that I am not sure how to approach it, or if I should.

Maybe it’s because  I keep getting a call on my cell phone that is coming from out of state and with a caller ID name of Bleh K. Popie.  Yes, really. I couldn’t make that up!

Mabye it’s because some days you are definitely the bug and definitely not the windshield and you just don’t know why.

Maybe it’s just because.

Whatever, the reason, today, I feel rather, well,

On the up side of this maybe day, it’s 5 o clock somewhere, taking us one step closer to Friday…and, the last few weeks have left me feeling blush and bashful, and I don’t even wear pink. There has been an abundance of generosity shared over my way and sometimes the best way to get over the bleh’s is to just get busy. So, consider that my next mission. Hoping you are having a Yes day, and not a Maybe and definitely not a No day.


26 thoughts on “Maybe

  1. Oh dear – who on earth is Bleh K. Popie??? This could be a good name to use in a novel!

    Nothing worse than those bleh days…

    I’m hoping to have a Yes day and I’m sending you a big virtual *hug* and I know it will get through the wires, onto your computer, up through your hands and into your heart 🙂


    • I was wondering if anyone would notice that..and it makes perfect sense that you would…and you are right, great name for a novel. Feel free to use it sometime! 🙂 I have no idea…I still won’t answer and they never leave a message. The curiosity will get the better of me at some point!
      You are a sweetheart, today is better, I slept, for one, and realizing it’s the friend issue tugging at my heart and that I need to sort that out, one way or another. I love the big virtual hug and you are right, it found it’s way to it’s destination. xo


  2. “the best way to get over the bleh’s is to just get busy. So, consider that my next mission.” – so true. I hope that you feel better. I’m glad that you’ve got a little optimism there to help you trudge through bleh-zone!

    P.S. – it’s no longer Monday 🙂


  3. You are not alone my friend…
    My dogs have been waking me up at the crack of dawn lately too. I’m up much too late in the evenings and I’m feeling stressed out these days. But it will pass…
    Lets hope Tuesday treats us better 🙂


  4. rut roh…i’m thinking you SERIOUSLY need to consider coming out here Bon. Really! If only plane tickets grew on trees and wishes were like lollypops. I KNOW! But still, October 10, 11, 12….sure would be an amazing thing this see your face at my door (along with Mimi, Lori, Maureen…tickling you yet?) I know…it’s hard and next to impossible, but is impossible really a REAL word? 😉


    • Oh Rhonda, you quite possibly turned my day on a dime – I can’t imagine anything sweeter than joining you all – I don’t know Lori or Maureen, but if they are friends of yours and Mimi’s that’s enough for me 🙂 And if only, plane tix grew on trees and wishes were like lollypops…if only. Ya never know how the universe works so I won’t say it’s IMPOSSIBLE…but it’d be a near miracle to pull off! But just the welcome, the invite to be with you lovelies is so, well, so very lovely 🙂 xoxo


        • Oh my dear, I do trust you! I have no doubt they are super fab, just like you and Mimi 🙂 and thank you…the open invitation is just the best…it’s been at the forefront of my daydreams today while tackling some piles here at work! 🙂 It would just be something, to experience all of you in person! ♥ I’m keeping an open mind…


  5. Oh my word….did you go to the DMV today? Drink wine….go to bed early (before midnite)…..say a prayer in the a.m. before your feet hit the floor. Maybe it’ll be better tomorrow. Sending love your way ♥♥♥ (Days like this hit….and I’m with you….ya just wanna curl up and hide under a warm blanket with a bag of m & m’s)


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