So, yesterday I had made a ‘committment’ to spend my Sunday drinking and browsing, but as it turned out, I was outnumbered and outvoted by the men in my house. Which doesn’t take much, as I am the token female in our family. The cat doesn’t count.

But, if I couldn’t spend the day in my pjs curled up with a cup of coffee and the world wide web, at least I could spend the day in my second choice favorites: shorts and a tank top and instead of the couch, here

The boys would have none of this lounging bit, so off we went for a day hike up in one of my favorite place, Desolation Wilderness.  I find it ironic how something known as desolation somehow lifts my soul no matter how many times I traverse it’s stark, surface-of-the-moon like terrain.

It was this guy’s first foray into the wilderness, and he held his own and set his sights on vistas far and wide.

We made our contributions to the ‘community rock garden’

and despite the fact that I was out voted on the pajama day, I managed to wrangle a lizard like nap in the sun

And when I am a middle-aged woman, I shall, I will,  (I do now – thanks to the clearance rack at the REI on the way up the hill)  wear purple hiking shoes; for in my middle age, I somehow forgot to bring my hiking shoes, for our day of hiking. Tally one for ol’ Twinkle Toes!

And at the end of the day,

I’d say it was more than a fair trade; the wildnerness in place of the couch, and purple shoes instead of pajamas, to spend the day in one of my favorite place.

There’s always tomorrow!


25 thoughts on “Outnumbered

  1. Looks like a super day out with your guys! Glad you didn’t dig in your heels for that sofa! Love the pics, the shoes, the fam and the dog that no longer smells like a skunk! (my shoes are hot pink….now wouldn’t we be a pair! 🙂 )


  2. I’m always happy after I’ve been nudged off the couch into the outdoors for a little sunshine. The couch and the world wide web will be there when you get back. Great shots!


  3. Oh gosh it really was wonderful…the weather was perfect..we are just hanging on to the last bits of summer around here. I always hate to see it go….

    The purple shoes are so funny…never in a million years would I normally wear or buy purple shoes, but I think the universe was telling me to lighten up a bit! 🙂 They are a size 9 – happy to ‘share’ them with you anytime you need a pair of purple hiking shoes! 🙂 xo


    • It really was, no complaints at all! And I have laid down some law for today! 🙂 Loosely defined, but my attempt at claiming some ‘pajama book time sneak in a run time’ 🙂 So glad you stopped..must run over to meet you in your space!


  4. How gorgeous (the day, the hike, the dog, the family..and the shoes aren’t bad either!) I’m glad the boys won out – it looked like a perfect day. Which means I hope you get dibs on today’s choices, and if it’s pj’s you want, it’s pj’s you get!! hugs, m


    • I am staking my claim on part of today…pjs, TKAM, some coffee…music..and then we’ll see how things roll the rest of the day. The purple shoes are hilarious..the last thing I’d buy if really out shopping, but I am kind of enjoying the out of character-ness of it! xox


  5. What a wonderful day, Bonnie! Its great to get out in the sunshine and explore. I love your pics (and am secretly in love with your purple shoes) 🙂


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