House Hunters

Last night, we watched an episode of House Hunters on HGTV and this particular episode  just happened to be located in theWashington, D.C./Arlington, VA area, where my husband and I lived just after we got married. That was a moon and a half ago.

We have talked about this often with our son who begs for a visit, likely curious about the fact that his parents actually had a life before him. We’ve promised one, we have talked about it, we have started thinking about when, it just hasn’t happened…yet. But it will.

Reminiscing about our days there, I asked him, ‘what would you think if we moved there?‘  He looked at me and for a split second, he looked excited, and then his face softens and he says,  “I would like it for a visit, but my friends are here mom.” I nodded, he’s got awesome buddies for friends.

This kiddo is 8 going on 32 and is already planning his college years, talking about where he wants to go and how I don’t get to choose for him [smart kid] even though I reassure him that I would pick a really cool, awesome location [smart mama].

During the course of the episode, the first property featured as a choice for the prospective buyer, who happens to be a 24 yr old young man who brings his mom along for the house hunting excursion [smart boy] is a condo building we actually looked at and considered when on our own house hunt when living in DC. It was surreal, to say the least, to see it and do the walk-through. It had been updated [smart building owner] but we recognized it without a doubt.

I watched my son while he watched wide-eyed at this young man branching out on his own, transitioning from the college-days-frat-boys-who-can’t-clean-their-apartment-days to being a first-time home owner. And as an apple who has fallen not far from his tree, he digs cool houses; the kid has taste.

My son, who is one third on the way to 24, was taking it all in. I leaned over, poked him gently on the shoulder, and whispered, Hey Bug, can you imagine that being you, all grown up, and buying your first house?

He said, “No, mom, I only have $24.00”

Have I ever mentioned, I love that boy?

If anyone knows how to slow the speed of time, please leave it in the comments. I don’t mind the aging process for me, [well, ok, maybe I do, a little.] but I just want to freeze time in moments such as this.


38 thoughts on “House Hunters

  1. Start a notebook of all the “I love that boy” minutes. Trust me–when you are my age, you won’t remember them without that little prompt.


  2. Every one of Ben’s freezable moments of time is already safe in your “that’s my boy” vault Bonnie. No need to stop, just continue doing what you are doing…watching, listening, learning, laughing, loving….the time freeze will take care of itself. He sounds like a wonderful boy Bonnie…blessings.


  3. Hold on tightly to these precious moments, Bonnie. I’m still very fond of a time when I visited my newborn nephew after I hadn’t seen my brother’s family in a month or so. My at-the-time two-and-a-half-year old niece was hanging all over me (something she never did–very shy girl) and I asked her, “Since when do you love me so much?” She just looked at me as if I had sprouted a second head and said, “Always!” Melts my heart every time I think about it and it’s a memory I will never let go of.


    • Jessica – that’s a beautiful story, and your niece and nephew are so lucky to have you as an auntie, another adult in their lives who will love them and know them as the great little persons they are. Of course she has loved you for always, and what an exquisite memory to hang on to tightly!!


  4. No need to freeze time…just go along with it because Bug will continue to grow with your love and at every age you’ll think it got better and better because of who he is and who you are with him! Just enjoy the present!


  5. Oh, this is so beautiful! What an absolute gem he is 😀

    I remember when my son was about the same age – he was reading a story about children who walked to a mountain and something there made them face their greatest fear. He jumped into my bed that night upset. I asked him what was wrong and he said the story had troubled him. I asked him why and he said it was because of his greatest fear. When I asked him what his greatest fear was – he said it was losing me 😦

    That moment in time will be frozen in my mind forever. They are beautiful, but even when they grow up they are still beautiful and he will always be your baby no matter what 🙂


    • What an exquisite moment with your son! i adore the image of him climbing in bed with you, safe, and free to tell you his worst fears of that moment – that is just something to hold on to forever, without a doubt!

      Yes, he will be my baby forever, and while I want to hold on to each moment, I love each new chapter in his story!

      Ps…I raised my glass in your honor tonight, for dreams, for serendipity, for stories and good people who return wallets. 🙂


  6. Please come visit DC!! More importantly though – you are one smart mama, because you are enjoying every moment, every phase and every aspect of Ben’s growing up. And yes, each age is amazing. And in all fairness and objectivity – Ben really sounds super special!


    • We WILL visit DC, that’s a for-sure visit, just have to figure out when, cross your fingers it could possibly be next summer. Cross your toes too.
      Ben is funny, that is for sure, and though I am not objective, of course, I think he is pretty special 😉


        • 🙂 digits crossed!

          I was going to ask YOU the same thing…isn’t it rather early to be up? We are two ships, or something, passing in the night!

          I will meet Morpheus soon, but don’t tell Ray 🙂


          • Your secret is safe with me..And I’m usually up around 4-4:30, but Andy fell asleep before giving the Sirs their last walk, so they woke me at 3:15 with needs…xox


              • Laughing..yeah, I’ll probably assume Andy’s place on the couch down here and grab a view more zzz’s…I agree – it’s weird to have a date with anyone when you’re married. xox


                • yes…reminds me of a crazy article I read this week…later on that tho, go grab some zzz’s sweetie. I got your email – thank you – trying to answer but I think I am fizzling, tomorrow :). sweet dreams …xoxo


  7. they are so precious arent they each moment a golden moment in time, i feel like i want to burn them on my memory forever, this is why i tell people i love every tiny bit even when they are argueing or fighting every second goes way too quickly and its like holding water in your hand, i was lucky i learnt from my very first one that life just whooshes by i just couldnt believe how quickly her baby years went by and i knew then that each child i would make the effort to stop and savour each moment i seem lax to a lot of people i wont set rules like being in bed by 8 i often go to bed the same time as them and we just go when we are tired because i know one day they will all be grown up and i will have spent every available second i could with them, now i know parenting isnt the same for everyone and i know others look at me like i grew another head but having children was the best thing i ever done and i love that somehow i now have four beautiful best friends, thank you for sharing this my lovely friend have a great day xxx


    • Kizzy, your kids are so lucky to have you as a mama, your love, affection and attention are surely nurturing them into lovely young people! They are lucky that you not only love them as a mother does, but that you like them as people…what a beautiful gift you are giving your best friends. wishing you a sweet lovely weekend dear xo


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